What is Lucky Patcher & How to use Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Is yet another app in the hub of millions of apps that we have today. It serves an important purpose in our everyday life. We use different apps daily and many times when we are watching a movie or using an app we are interrupted by several ads. Then to our rescue comes Lucky Patcher app. It is a great tool to remove ads, modify apps, by pass premium applications license verification and more. To use all features, you need a rooted device.

what is lucky patcher app how it is work?

Rooting is the process of getting permission to edit files in your ROM. It is also called jailbreaking. Breaking a jail and getting out of it is risky even though it is essential. Likewise rooting

an Android will have many advantages will have many advantages and many disadvantages.

Lucky Patcher Without Root

If we talk about the working of the app, then it simply works by changing the app data of the apk file. Mainly it is the AndroidManifest.XML file. It can be done manually through an Android SDK. To understand it more clearly I would say it removes the ads by removing the containers where ads are displayed or by simply cutting off the internet connection

The requirement for using the app is to have a rooted device. So if in case you have not rooted your device you can simply do it by following the instructions below:

  • Click on About Phone and find the Build Number
  • Click on the Build Number seven times and the Developer Options will appear on the main page of the settings.
  • Click on the back key to see  the Developer Options
  • Check to enable USB debugging
  • Check to enable OEM unlocking

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How To Get Lucky Patcher On iOS & Android?

Lucky Patcher App provide you with loads of new and beneficial features. Some of the best features that our device gets after downloading Lucky Patcher app are:

  • It blocks Google Ads
  • It removes pre-installed apps on your device
  • Manage and remove the applications permission.
  • Transfer apps to SD card in one click
  • It helps us to install all apps by applying custom patch
  • Create modified app in one click
  • We can update applications from the application itself and are not required to go outside or search for updates
  • We can have complete backup of apps that also have backup of data
  • It solves the problem of incompatible error
  • It silently makes in-app purchase without knowing play store
  • It downloads custom patch without even updating the apps
  • It clones the applications of your choice though the clone is unstable
  • It also freezes the application which miss behaves

Lucky Patcher app cannot give you a 100% warranty that the patch works doesn’t brick the app. It doesn’t guarantee that it works without root or Busybox.

The riskiest part of rooting your phone is that it may become dead. The only way to repair it is to change the full mother board. Just like a brick, it will become useless. So it is also called bricking. But if we do bricking properly rooting will not happen.

How To Use Lucky Patcher APK?

The app can be used without rooting the device also though many of the features won’t work, it would save you from the hazards of rooting. For non-rooted devices:

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  • Create modified.apk

This feature allows you to modify app. We can create the app with the custom patch applied, an app with ads removed and app with changed permissions and activities and the app will be stored in SD card. Then you have checked unknown sources in your device’s setting.

  • Backup App

In this, we can make a backup of the app only and not data.

  • Hack in-app purchases

The main feature of rooted device Lucky Patcher is hacking in-app purchases which can be achieved by downloading the latest version of Lucky Patcher and then opening the app in which we want to hack in-app purchase. Then going to purchase option and clicking on the buy. Now the Lucky Patcher windows open instead of Google in-app purchase box. Then it shows the message “ Do you want to try this app for free.” Click yes. Non-rooted users send a reply to applications. And we are done with the in-app purchase hack.

All apps have their boons and banes but we always go for the apps which is more beneficial and Lucky Patcher is one such app which makes using our Android device much easier than we expect.

Lucky Patcher
  • Lucky Patcher


Lucky Patcher is use for android & ios tricks and hacking for some another apps 😀 i really loved it <3 and its android app who can remove your ads work like adblocker 😛

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