VPN Vs. Proxy: Basic differences that everyone should know

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If you are reading this article, you are already someone who often, if not regularly, uses the internet. There are various terms and features that we come across while we are using the internet. Sometimes it can get quite confusing or even overwhelming. One of the most common doubts people have is, what is the difference between a VPN and a Proxy.

What is a VPN, and why is it used?

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VPN is an abbreviation for the term Virtual Private network. It allows a person to exchange data. It is used when you wish to use a public network but wants to use it as if you were using a private network.

Using a global network, this operation is carried out. You do not need a LAN type of network, and hence the requirement of a physical place is unnecessary. It uses various means of security and hence a safe and private option. This VPN becomes the mediator between your ISP, i.e., internet service provider and you/ your device. Internet usage and its traffic are now redirected. This is done with the help of a server, which also does the job of hiding your internet provider and that data is protected from sites. A VPN encrypts the data exchange and hence protects you and your data carefully.

What is Proxy, and why is it used?

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A proxy server, similar to a VPN, also acts as a mediator. It operates the requests that are given by clients. These requests can be on various servers. This proxy is installed in the form of software on your device. It mediates the device and server that gives requests. This proxy will help you to redirect all the activities of yours through the firewall of your device, on the internet, and into the browser.

While trying to access any website from your home device, the provider being used does the processing of client requests to be able to access the site.

Proxy is useful for these kinds of situations,

1. Get rid of restrictions by a firewall on your device.
2. Using different websites without disclosing your personal details such as IP address and hence makes your process super safe and private.
3. Overcoming restrictions on certain websites, especially while traveling abroad.
4. Certain websites that we wish to use are only available in some specific countries. Using a VPN, you can use any websites as if you’re in the other country itself.
A VPN and Proxy are not polar opposites of each other. Rather they are quite similar, but there is a certain basic difference that can affect your choice when you are planning on getting one of them for your device.

Both of them do the job of letting you use any website while making sure your IP address and location are not disclosed. The major point of difference comes when we talk about the level of security that each of these provides. Even though, both VPN and Proxy will protect your data from being accessed, VPN provides the encrypted protection, which makes quite a giant difference.

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