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Voot App : As we world is becoming digital our source of entertainment is also becoming digital in the form of movies and videos etc. Technology of the internet has led all these entertainment hubs into a way in which you can watch and get entertained on the internet.

Televisions are becoming less and less utilized as you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and videos on the internet. There are lots of websites and the most popular site is YouTube which we all know. There are many apps which can be a bug source of entertainment and today we are going to talk about one of the app which can be your entertaining source when you don’t have any thing to do.

The name of the app is Voot. Voot is a digital platform for entertainment launched by Viacom 18.Voot app is also the first VOD (Video on Demand) for mobile platform. So let’s dig into the app even more.

There are 17000 hours of content for you available on different channels like Viacom 18 motion pictures, MTV Indies, Nickelodeon and regional languages. There are many block buster movies and TV shows are available for free. Free movies and shows are something which you won’t normally get on other Video on demand apps.

voot app download

Voot app always shows you Their best choices which you might prefer to watch and the best contents available on the app right on the homepage. If you don’t find what you want to watch on the Home screen then you can always use the search bar to look for your favorite movies and TV shows.

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Voot app is basically made for the youths with its enthusiasm and colorful youths. For example MTV Indies is a channel where you will get all the youth shows and are very interesting to watch if you are bachelor or basically a teenager.So the market for the voot app is the youth but that’s not what this app is solely made for.

You can see there is Nickelodeon channel which can be a great channel for the kids as the technology brings and encourages the kids to use electronic devices. It may not be the wisest thing for the kids but development in technology is taking places.

You will be regularly updated with the app and shows which are becoming popular and you can always be the one of the early people to watch new contents. You can also discover cards in boot app where you can see the special playlists of famous shows created by various channels. The videos you are watching can be pause and resume at any time so when you go to a specific video which you have already started watching, it will resume where you have left the video. Obviously you can also start from the beginning of the video. Sharing is a great way to make your friends use the voot app. Give a personalized shouts of videos or share direct links on your social media.

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Voot app is available for both  . So I will tell you how you can download Voot app on Android as well as on iOS.

Voot App for Android

Voot app is compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly bean and above. Android users have really liked the app and it is very highly rated app on Google play store. The size of app is 16.7 MB which is not big.

Steps to download Voot app

  1. Using your Android smartphone open Google play store.
  2. After opening the play store, search for Voot App.
  3. Open to the voot app on play store.
  4. Tap on the install button.
  5. The app will get installed in a few minutes and it will be available on your home screen.

Voot  App for iOS

Voot app is available for iOS version 8 and above

Steps to download Voot

  1. Open Apple app store.
  2. Search for Voot app.
  3. Simply click on the install button.
  4. The app will be available in your iPhone/iPad homescreen.

Final words

Voot app is a great source  of entertainment and you should definitely recommend this app to your friends also. Also, this app is the official app from a renowned company. Hence, this could be your one stop solution to watch any kind of show online

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