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Traffic Rider : Gaming has gained a huge popularity now days. There are some games which you can play by downloading it on your device. Gaming has become a way through you leisure time; it helps you pass your time. You can play the game on your device anytime and anywhere. Gaming is an addiction, and it is not only enjoyed by the kids, but adults also like playing these games. This game helps to sharpen the kid’s mind and also help in taking your mind-off from work and helps you to get relax.

Small sized games are of huge interest now days as they are easy to play and are more competitive among players. Millions of people download the game and play them also there are millions of games to choose from. Whether you are getting bored while in a metro or waiting for your number in the queue or you are exhausted after a long-day work or some other reason, games help you get through this situation and you won’t even realize how easily that leisure time would pass. Playing game is the one thing which is not boring rather it may be addictive and will let you use your skills like patience, balance, your knowledge, etc. and also enhance them.

Some of the most played and addicted games are Clash of Clans, Pokemon goes, Mini militia, etc. These are the game which has gained a huge popularity worldwide and is enjoyed by people all over the world. Then there comes another game named “TRAFFIC RIDER”. This is a motor bike game in which you are the one with the bike control, and you need to complete a different set of challenges to win in the game. Now we will try Now we will try to give you more detail about the game.


Traffic rider is another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer. This is a mind blowing game that put you behind a motor bike. It is much more detailed when it comes to the gaming experience, but it is also simple and retains that old school fun.

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Traffic rider is an endless racing game to a completely new level by featuring a full career mode. It has better graphics and real life recorded amazing bike sounds with a first person perspective, this all makes this game highly attractive and enjoyable. You need to ride your bike on endless highway roads, overtake the traffic and you can also upgrade your bike or buy new ones to complete the mission in the career mode.

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  • It has a first person camera view that makes the bike easy to ride and control.
  • There is a total of 26 motorbikes for you to choose from.
  • It also has the feature of the horn, and you can also do wheelies with your bike which appears to be cool looking.
  • The sounds recorded are of the motor from real bikes to give you the best and the most real experience.
  • The environment in the game is also detailed and have a day and night version.
  • In the career mode, there are over 70 missions that increase the challenge and so the excitement of the game.
  • Also, features online leader boards and have more than 30 achievements which make the game more and more attractive.
  • It also has an unbelievable 19 languages support.
  • It also has an amazing user rating on play store, it is rated 4.7 and also has some very good reviews.
  • It has over 50 million downloads which alone speak of its popularity and addiction.

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  • Your score is directly dependent on your speed so drive as fast as you can.
  • Try and keep your speed above 100 km/h, also try to take close overtakes for bonuses.
  • In two-way track driving on opposite track also gives you the bonus.
  • You can also do wheelies for extra cash.

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  • First of all, you need to change some settings on your device. Go to settings and then security and then turn “Unknown Sources” ON.
  • It may show that it might harm your device, but in actual, it won’t and is completely safe if turned off after the use.
  • Now open your default browser. Google Chrome is one of the most used and well-known browser options for you.
  • Now go to your search engines such as Google or Bing and then type there “Traffic Rider game download”.
  • You will see some search results there choose the one which appears most genuine and safe out of them. And then open it
  • After you open that you will see a completely new page has opened up, click for download and your game will get download into your device.
  • Wait for the game to be downloaded and after that once a game is completely downloaded open it.
  • Now install the game and allow it for any requirements it may need.
  • Wait until your games get installed.
  • Now you can enjoy playing your game.
  • There also is a simple and easy way of downloading this game for the android user, but for that, you need Google Playstore on your android device.
  • If you have one, open it and type traffic rider in the search bar.
  • You can see the game icon at the top. Click on it and install it.
  • Accept any requirements it may need.
  • Downloading and installation of the game will now start.
  • After some time the game will get downloaded, and after that, you can enjoy playing it.


Traffic Rider is a very interesting and challenging game. With so many features and different modes, this makes the game a perfect one for you. It is very easy to download and can be easily installed with using above steps. A perfect game for the entire motor bike games lover. Now it’s time for you to hit the roads!

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