Quick Shortcut Maker apk App for Android

Quick Shortcut Maker apk App for Android

We all use Android smartphones, and in it, we have many apps that perform many functions. For many apps there are widgets available and also for many apps, shortcuts can be created by using within the app settings. Quick shortcut maker is the best solution available that solves the problem for solving of creating shortcuts on your android phone.

Here you will get to know about the step by step guide of installing this apk application and also about the device requirements for this app. You will also get to know about the free of cost source of this application download. Creating shortcuts does not denote laziness, it shows smart work. Before you download this application, let’s get to know about the specifications and features of this app.

What is Quick Shortcut Maker?

It is an android based app that primarily helps in creating shortcuts for Android smartphones apps. Android V1.6 or above is a requisite for running this app. It basically means that it is suitable for all the latest Android versions. It not only solves the problem of creating shortcuts but also makes you aware of the latent features of your smartphone. It is generally required for all Android device users. Not all apps can have shortcuts as there may not be widgets for each app and also internal settings do not allow us to create shortcuts. So a user may have to access the app by opening various folders, and for the frequently used apps, it becomes a challenge without a shortcut.

What are the features of Quick Shortcut maker App?

With this excellent application, you can create shortcuts for all the apps on your android smartphone which is impossible to be done with the default settings of your smartphone and app. You get aware about the other settings as well that are hidden. Let us see some specifications of this app:

• It helps to make shortcuts for everything on your android smartphone. For all apps and important settings.

• Addition and deletion of shortcuts is a very easy thing once the app is run on your device. It provides various easy to use options, and it is very user-friendly.

• Very small in size and doesn’t require huge space on your phone. It would not pose any problem when it’s downloaded.

• Works on almost all android devices running on Android V1.6 or above. For all the latest Android versions, it is very simple to operate. It only requires a few permissions.

• Can also make shortcuts for settings so that it is easily accessible on a single touch. You do not need to find and go through various folders to access an application.

• The layout is user-friendly. Everything is simple to use.

Downloading Quick Shortcut Maker

This android application can be downloaded from quickshortcutmaker.com (the official website of the application) or else it can also be downloaded from the Google Play store available on every Android smartphone. Both sources are very reliable and offer very fast running apps. There are simple steps given on the website as well as to download the app without any hurdle.

How to install Quick Shortcut Maker app on your android device?

You don’t need to worry if you do not know how to install this app. You just need to follow all the below mentioned steps. These steps are not to be followed in case the app is downloaded and installed from google play store.

To download such an apk app, you first need to check if the unknown sources have been enabled or not. Follow these steps first to enable unknown sources:

1. Open your phone settings

2. Proceed to the security option

3. Go to the unknown sources and check whether it is enabled or not

4. In case it is not enabled, enable the same and its complete.

Now you can install the quick shortcut maker app without any problem using the following steps:

1. First of all download the app from the above-mentioned website.

2. Enable unknown sources in the app as well.

3. Now go on the downloaded folder of the app and click on the apk file in the name of “quickshortcutmaker(.org).apk”

4. When the dialog box appears showing options, click on install option and the app will automatically install on your device.

Once you are done with the installation process, you can use the app like any other normal app. It will be displayed as usual in the app drawer.

How to use Quick Shortcut Maker App?

Running the app requires some basic permissions. The app can be opened directly after the installation process or otherwise, you can open the app from the app drawer. The app is not very difficult to operate, and it doesn’t have any difficult configurations. All the apps appear in the layout of the app. You can select the app by holding it and create a shortcut of the same. Other options are very easy to understand, and you would not have any problem in operating the app. So just install the app and enjoy the amazing experience.

Advantages of using the quick shortcut maker app:

• It can help you create shortcuts for more frequently used apps.

• It is easy to use and have a simple layout

• It works on almost all available Android operating systems

• It is small in size and takes up very less space in your device

• It is widely used and has very good feedbacks

Quick Shortcut Maker Conclusion

If you are facing problem in managing your apps as there are no available shortcuts for all apps or widgets, then the Quick Shortcut Maker apk application is just the solution for you. It’s user-friendly layout scheme, and lower size is an excellent advantage.

It can be downloaded from reliable application sources, and it is free of cost for all android users. It creates shortcuts for all apps and settings and also makes you aware of hidden settings of apps. So download your application and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers.


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