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WiFiKill APK

WiFiKill APK : Hello, friends, do you get mad at your friends when they use up your WiFi data or mobile data which result in finishing those data packets very early of the time? Then here we are with the most amazing WiFikill app which will save you from this crisis without telling no to your friends for a network and still saving your data packets from all of them.

The WiFikill app is that amazing app which will help you to do all these things. The WiFikill apk is a network controller app which allows you to deny access to your hot spot of the mobile and WiFi without undergoing changes in the passwords. It provides you with great features in it which help you to in the daily internet usage.

How does the WiFi Kill App V2.3.2 work?

Thinking about how the WiFiKill Apk will work, let us help you know about it. When the WiFi kill app is in running mode and you connect your device to any public WiFi network in your area so what will happen is that all those users or devices that are connected to that same WiFi from which you are connected with will access the connection through your device that means in simple way that your device will start acting as a WiFi router for all those devices.

Now as such a scene will be created, you will be able to deny access to all those whom you want and this way you can get a better speed of the internet. This also works as same when you use your device network via a hot spot, you can discard all those unwanted friends of yours who just go on wasting your data for free.

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Features of the WiFi Kill App –

The WiFi kill apk app has been fitted in with wonderful features which are as follows-.

  • Just at the point at the point of a click, you will be able to get access the information in a list of all those devices which are connected to the same wifi network with which you are connected with.
  • This app will also show you the rate of data transfer when other devices are connected to your device. Through you can know that one guy who uses your data recklessly.
  • The greatest feature is that it will allow you to monitor all those connections on the list of the connected devices
  • The wifi kill app is very small in size which is around 500 kb which save your space and ram that is it can be installed in the lowest category smartphones too which doesn’t support bigger apps.
  • When you see the name of all those devices connected to the wifi, you will be able to access all those information like name, IP address, etc. and much more.
  • Easily disconnect all those devices which you want that should not be using the wifi and gain a better speed or save your data from people.
  • The WiFi kill app works on an only Android platform covering all the Android smart phones as well as the tablets.
  • When we talk about the user interface of the app, it is quite friendly and easy to use.

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How to download the WiFi Kill app on your Android device?

Before downloading the WiFi Kill app on your device let us know some of the things about the WiFi kill app. The most important thing about this app is that it only works on the Android platform that means it won’t be available for ios platforms and so on. The next very important thing you should know about this app is that it will only work on those android phones which are rooted.

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Yes, you need to root your Android device to use this app. We won’t give you instructions on rooting your phone in this article, so you need to manage it by your own which is not so difficult. Now to download the WiFi kill apk follow the instructions given below –

  • First of all open the browser of the Android smart phone and search for this app in google.
  • When the website open ups search for the download option of the WiFi, kill apk.
  • Once you find the download option start downloading the WiFi kill apk on your Android device and wait till the process gets completed.
  • Now after the download process completes close the browser and opens the file manager of the device.
  • Search for the WiFi kill apk file and once found the tap to open the file.
  • If you do not get permission to open that file go to the settings of the phone, then scroll down to the security option and tap open it. Scroll down and search the unknown sources and tap it to allow access to use the WiFi kill app.
  • Once you press OK to unknown sources, return to the file manager, and tap open the WiFi kill apk file.
  • Opening the file will start installing the WiFi kill app on your smart phone. Once the process is finished, a shortcut will be created on the home screen of your device.
  • Open the app and enjoy all those features mentioned above.

Final words:

So friends The process to download the WiFikill Pro apk is very easy once you get your device rooted. The WiFikill root V2.3.2 is the another version of the WiFikill apk free download the older version was V1.7, and thus it has better features than the V1.7 version. In the latest version of the WiFi kill app, you can run it on tablets also and can work on all Android versions 4+.

So get this app as soon as possible on your Android smartphone and enjoy its features. I hope the article gave you relevant information about the topic. Thank you.

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