Parallel Space for Android and iOS: Features and Installation Guide

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Parallel Space for iOS and Android is an app that will help you to be able to run more than one account of the same app all at once. You also get the opportunity to use themes to style the app space.

This app is very famous in the market, and currently, it has helped over 90 million users. You can log on to different accounts all at once and also on the same device. Sounds nifty, right. The app protects your user privacy thanks to its incognito feature.

The app is quite easy to download, and you can do so by just using the links that we have provided down below,

Download of Parallel space for Android

1. Via Google Play store

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Simply go to the google play store app on your android device, and in the search bar, type the name of the app and search. You can now install it just like you would for any other app on your device.

2. Via Official website and apk download

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Go to the official website and download the apk for it. You can then go to the downloads in your device and click on the app you just downloaded; it will show you the install option.!brRTiK6a!gpKnYcx1e1BQttAJ7IAa_NtYbkWeJQVmftfyTkl8MdM

Download of Parallel space for ios.

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Just like for android, download and install from the Apple app store as you would for any other app.

Features of Parallel space

Here are the features/ reasons why you should be using Parallel Space and why it is so good!
1. Manage different accounts and hence be able to toggle between work life and personal life better.
2. The app manages the separate accounts well enough so that the data never gets mixed up and will not interfere.
3. Creates and lets you use multiple numbers of accounts for all, be it sns accounts or gaming accounts.
4. Maintains the privacy of the users and does not let their personal data leak. It also has an incognito mode as well as has a security lock.
5. You have the ability to customize the app space you are using. This can be done with the help of themes that you can choose and set.
6. By tapping for just once you are able to switch to different accounts. There are no unnecessary complexities included.
7. Easy to understand and use the user interface.
8. Officially available for both android as well as ios devices.
9. It is not a heavy app and hence does not take up a lot of space on your device. It gets downloaded quickly, and the installation is just like that for any other basic app.
10. The app is completely free, so no need to purchase it.

Parallel Space app is easily downloadable for all types of devices, be it ios or android. The app has been gaining increasing popularity. If you feel the need to use more than one account for your services/ apps on your devices, then this is definitely worth trying.

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