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Movie HD App : Internet is becoming popular and more and more people engaging in it. Billions of people interact on the internet at least once in a week. Internet will surely spread all over the world in coming years, there are still places which doesn’t have internet access but these places are not that populated. I can make sure these places will also get a high speed internet in couple of years.

If we talk about the media consumption over the internet then it is countless. The amount of time we spend on the internet and watching movie online  is massive. There are lots of apps and websites on the internet for the media consumption and entertainment.

Today we are going to discuss about a great app which can be your entertainment companion. The name of the app is called Movie HD. It is available for Android and iOS and I will also show you how you can download and install the app on both Android OS and iOS.

Movie HD App

Movie HD app is one of the best entertainment app for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. There are tons of movies and TV shows available within the app. So in order to get this app on your smartphone or tab you need to read the full article because I will show you how you can download the app on both Android and iOS later in this article.

movie hd app download free

The developer of Movie HD updates the app regularly that means you will see lots of recently released movies in the app. There are different category in the home screen of the app like the highly rated movies and TV shows and new movies. You can see these content categorized within the movie HD app. Also the contents available in this app can be streamed on a high definition which means you will get high quality movies and videos with high quality audio.

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One of the best feature about Movie HD is that you can even chromecast your contents. With this feature you can watch movies and TV shows on your television with the help of chromecast. You can use any android smartphone to be able to use this app. There are some other similar apps like Movie HD. Sky HD and PlayBox are such apps which have very similar characteristics and features that are available in Movie HD.

Set up the app is very easy, you just need to make an account which will be linked to your google account. With some basic information of yours, you can set up the app and start watching movies and TV shows.

Now lets talk about how you can download and install the app on your android and iOS smartphone. First let’s talk about android.

Movie HD is compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly bean above. Since Movie HD is not available in Google play store I will tell you how you can install the app by downloading the apk file of the app from third party sites.

Steps to download and install Movie HD on android

  1. Using you android smartphone, open up the google chrome browser.
  2. Now search for the app name in google chrome.
  3. After getting the web search results, tap on the site where you can download the apk file of Movie HD app.
  4. Open the website and tap on the download button.
  5. The apk file will get download in a few minutes.
  6. After the apk file will get download you will get a notification.
  7. Open the notification and start installing the app by tapping on the install button.

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Now let’s talk about the iOS version of Movie HD

Movie HD is compatible with iOS version 8.0 and above. Your iPhone/ipad needs to be jailbroken in order to install this app. So you can look for Jailbreaking tutorial somewhere else but if you have jailbreak device then you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Steps to install Movie HD on iOS

  1. Open Cydia (you also need Cydia for this) and go to sources.
  2. After entering on sources, tap on “Edit” and tap on “add”.
  3. Add on Sources.
  4. Add the sources and return to cydia.
  5. Now go to dtathemes and tap on “dta-apps”.
  6. Now tap on “Movie HD” and and tap on “install”
  7. The app will start installing in your iOS device.

Final words

So, I already know that you must be very much excited after downloading this amazing app on your smartphone after a long time. Now, finally you can enjoy free movies in super high quality on your smartphone without any efforts.

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