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Movies watching app : The smartphone has given a boom to our technology, it is so vital that you can’t even imagine your life without this, ca you? Smartphone has been split into two parts one of them is “Android, other”another one is “IOS”. Both of them are better in their own ways and are made according to your own needs. In that scenario to make it more attractive and more useful there are applications. Apps or applications are the actual thing in a Smartphone that actually makes them smart.

There is app for every task and every work you perform. There are apps for your entertainment too, out of which there are apps for movies downloading. Movies app are now a days so much in demand that everyone wants to have an app that will let you download or watch online movies, and that’s all what we are gonna tell you today about the “Top 20 movies app for your android/IOS device”. We are going to tell you the best apps out there which you can download easily and which gives you the best experience for your entertainment purpose.

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Movies are something every one of you like some might prefer romantics some might want to live in fantasy some might like biopic some may be looking for adventurous and some for action related. Though it be of any the category, movies are the thing everyone out there might be looking for their entertainment and excitement. People need something to take their mind off their stressful life, movies are there for them and these apps even make it more easy and time-saving for them. Now without taking any much more of your time let’s we list you the 20 top apps for movies.


Now we’re gonna list 20 best app for your Smartphone that you can look for while you want to watch or download movies. Some of these apps might need subscription that may cost you some bucks out of your pocket but some of them are completely free.So finally we will start listing them:

MegaBox HD


A new free movies android app, this is a wonderful application for movies. This app is world largest collection of movies in all genres.Megabox HD is best entertainment app for you and your family. This app is not available on Google play store but you can download it externally.It’s very small in size (1.8 MB) and allows you to stream movies in 2 different qualities which are 360 and 720 p.

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Netflix App

netflix free login

With world’s leading subscription service for TV episodes and movies Netflix delivers the best experience to you at anytime and anywhere. Netflix is available on playstore and has a great rating of 4.4. It also gives a one month free subscription for every new user and after that you can enjoy your favourite movies at a very low monthly-cost.

Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited movies and TV shows for low monthly price. With the Netflix app you can easily and instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anywhere and anytime you want.

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Movie HD app

movie box iconYou can’t find this app on playstore but this also is one of the best app out there for you which allows users to download and stream new and HD movies. You can stream any movie you want by using this app. It’s developed for only watching movies on your android phone.

You can also check out movies update, trailer, posters etc. using this wonderful app. It also allows users to filter movies by genre, rating, categories etc. If you are a movie freak then this app is just what you are looking for.

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Voot app


A new venture of viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. Voot is one of the apps in talks right now. It is available for Android, IOS and web platforms. It is one of the fastest evolving media networks in India.Voot is a wonderful platform that provides you with more than 17000 hours of appealing content for you guys with an array of options.It has content of some of the popular channels like MTV, Colors, Colors Kannada, and Nickelodeon etc.It has content of some of the popular channels like MTV, Colors, Colors Kannada, and Nickelodeon etc.

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SnapTube App

screen 3It is another android application that let you download videos for your smartphones. This app allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. free of cost. A lot of times must have happen that you might have seen some great video on your facebook news feed and you want to save it in your device but you can’t because of that missing feature but this app will help you for that and will let you download these videos for you.

It also has an advantage of easy browsing, which is as simple as clicking any category or video or typing the name of the artist or song in the search bar. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can play the video or download it directly to your device. You can also change quality of your videos that you are going to download accordingly to your phone’s space.

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Newest Movies HD

Movie HD New IconWanna watch movies without any subscription then this app is perfect for you. You can use this app and download free movies for your android device.

This app is one of the basic but it let you stream and download movies in different qualities. You can also check the IMDP rating of any movie before you go watching it.

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Yidio App

yidio badgeOne of the best app for you android device but has a drawback that it is available for only few devices currently. It has a very good navigation menu which makes it easy for you to navigate. Some of the movies in this are free but some of them are gonna cost you money.It has a good filter and an advanced search box, so you can find your movie according to its genre and producer. You can also make a request for a movie which you will be notified once it is made available on Yidio app.

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popcornflixIt is also one of the new movie apps out there for you with currently over 700 movies in their database. They are also updating their movies qualities so you can have the best experience while enjoying your movies. The best part of this app is that.The best part of this app is that there’s no hidden fees to watch your favourite movies and you can stream them all for free of cost.

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Hulu app

hulu icon 5

Another playstore app and is the best place for watching your favourite shows and movies. You can enjoy them anywhere and anytime.You can enjoy them anywhere and anytime.Only downside to this app is that you need to pay outof your pocket every month.

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Hotstar app

unnamedIt is a platform for your digital and mobile entertainment. This app allows you to watch movies and different TV shows. This app has gained its popularity by streaming live matches. You can watch your favourite shows (aired on star channels) that you have missed next day with the help of this app. It also streams Game of thrones and other HBO serials which are not offered by any other similar provider. You can easily download this app from Google.It also streams Game of thrones and other HBO serials which are not offered by any other similar provider. You can easily download this app from Google playstore.

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IMDB app

MV5BODc4MTA3NjkzNl5BMl5BcG5nXkFtZTgwMDg0MzQ2OTE@. V1The Internet Movie Database (abbreviated IMDb) is the world’s most authoritative and popular source for movies,T V, and celebrity content. It has the world’s largest collection ofmovie, TV and celebrity info.They list every detail about every movies and TV shows like trailers, ratings, quotes, user ratings etc. it is available on your Google playstore and has an excellent rating of 4.3 there.

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Bobby Movie Box App

Bobby movie Box

An app perfectly made for you and your families or friends entertainment with tons of movies and TV shows that will definitely bring a wave of excitement in your body. There’s few of the movies app which are there for IOS and this app is one of them. In fact this is the best app for you if you are an IOS user.You can watch movies in HD qualities. It also has an advantage that it gets updated quite frequently so you can expect new features pretty soon. You can download this app from the app store or you can go to its official website.

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cinema box android app logoOne of the best movie apps present for your Android and IOS device.Earlier this app was named as Playbox HD. No doubts it is the one of the best movie app and have some of the mind blowing features like subtitle support, kid’s mode, offline mode, and chrome cast support.Though this app is not available on Though this app is not available on playstore you can look externally for it.

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Flipps HD

flipps logo 151Its more than just an android movie app, this app can help you watch insane movies on your movies. You can watch any viral videos if you want listen to songs and you can even stream live streaming sites simultaneously in your Smartphone and TV.You can also download the movies and moreover all of this for free.

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ShowBox App

ShowBox App LogoOne of the very popular movies app, using ShowBox you can easily watch movies, TV shows etc. on your android device. It is user-friendly and so you can navigate through it very easily and very quickly. You can even watch videos at 1080p.Although it is a small app, still it will help you download movies and stuff without paying a dime.

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ViewSter App

unnamed 1ViewSter app can let you easily watch movies online. It has an easy navigation and you don’t need to sign up or create an account to stream movies.It is much compatible with Chromecast so you can enjoy your videos with a high quality.

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Crackle App

Crackle Movies TV iconCrackle is another excellent app to watch movies online without any of the complicated procedure. It has an easy to use navigate interface and you can also easily browse for your best movies.

It also supports TV streaming feature. Although it’s an android app but you can’t download videos here. Still when comes to watching movies for free, it’s the app best for that.

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Hubi App

Download Hubi APK – Streaming Download Video App 300x146This app also help you stream online movies, tv channels and much more. It is also an android app and is completely free, you won’t need to pay even a buck for your downloading.

Overall it is one another app that let you resonate with your movies needs.

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Tubi TV

tubitv squareIt has an average rating of 4.1, that itself tells about its popularity. This app is downloadable from playstore and has over 1 million downloads. Though you need Android 4.0.4 or better to experience this app.

Best thing about this app is that it has more than 40,000 titles from which you can watch favourite movies and that too without paying anything.It also has a feature of categories like AAction, Comedy, Drama, Kung Fu etc.

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Big star movies

big star movies apkHere comes another free movie app with over 1 million users. It is also an android app which provides free movie streaming in tons of movie categories. Though every movie in this is not free but still has hundreds of movies which you can watch without paying a buck. Though, this app is free to use but if you want to access full catalog of this app, then you need to sign up to their premium plan, that will costs you 4.99$ per month.

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< Wrapping it up >

So these were the top 20 movies app for your Android or IOS device. In this time where you can’t sustain even a day without your Smartphone, these are the apps that will help you for your entertainment in your leisure time. Hopefully we were of some help to you and we hope that now you can now enjoy your movies in your Smartphone as and when you want.