Mini Militia:Doodle Army 2 for Windows

Hello, Action Game lover are you new to the world of Mini Militia: 6Doodle Army 2, it is perhaps one of the most trending game in the world today. It is a combat game with multi players with at least six players online and 12 players with wi-fi connection.


It is a game filled up with full of action where you need to kill each of opponent one after one by a weapon. Mini Militia game provides you with a weapon such as sniper rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, lasers, chainsaws, etc.

The game is consists of 6 battle zones i.e. Zombie Town, Vietnam, Normandy, Mars, Boot Camp and Egypt. It is a very addictive game as it has sought attention from the adults as well apart from teenage.

Features of Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2


  • Play as online multiplayer with Game Center.
  • Use the world maps.
  • Play as local multiplayer using Bluetooth or wi-fi.
  • It has a zoom control on each weapon.
  • It has an Intuitive Dual Stick Shooting controls.
  • Rockets boots are available for an extended vertical movement.
  • It has melee attacks.
  • It has a  team battle.
  • Weapons available are the desert eagle, magnum, shotgun, machete, grenades, M14, M4, UZI, MP5, SMAW, AK47, etc.
  • It has power ups like the power boost, riot shield, health pack, etc.

How to download and install Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 for Windows?

Remember before you download the game you need to have a Bluestack installer as it requires some system requirement make sure that your PC has a 2 GB of RAM. Which will give you better performance, Free space of at least 1o GB on your PC hard disk, even though the Bluestacks will run in a Windows XP but as the windows do not get any updates anymore, you better run it in the windows having higher operating system.


Keep all the other necessary software up to date like NET FFramework, Graphic Card drivers, Direct X, etc.

  • Download Bluestacks Offline Installer
  • Now click on the install button
  • after the installation process is complete click on the Bluestacks icon which will be shown on your PC and open it.
  • Launch the Bluestacks then you will get a search bar on the home screen.On the start screen type Mini Militia and now press enter.
  • After the search result as you can see the icon appears of Doodle Army: Mini Militia.
  • Now to install click on the install button and shortly it will be complete. Click the open button after the installation is complete.
  • Mini Militia Doodle Army will get launched on your PC. In case, if your Google Play is not up to date on your Bluestacks download the update as you will be asked to update.Now you can enjoy the game.


I hope after reading the guide and tips on how to download Mini Militia: Doodle 2 for Windows it is easy for you to have the game on your PC. I will bring you with the updates If I miss out miss out any. Please comment below if yu want to know more about the game.




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