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Mini Militia is one of the most played game, and it is still entertaining game for million gamers. Mini Militia is an online combat game that also known as Doodle Army (2nd Edition) or DA2. If you love shooting and combat game, then this is definitely for you. You have landed at the right place if you were looking for the minimalistic yet, exciting combat game.,kjfkdhjfdig

Here is all about Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia game that you need to know about this fascinating game. I will review on this multiplayer or online playing game, which have become very popular among gamers.

What is Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Game All About?

You might have heard about Counter Strike (AKA CS) PC shooting game, one of the famous game ever. Well, I mean how insanely people love combat genre game. Using the same style developer Appsomniacs LLC brought Doodle Army 2, which is also a big hit online militia for PC Google Search

To define it, I can say it is an intense multiplayer game that allows you to combat with maximum 12 local players using your Wi-Fi feature and with online you can combat with the utmost online people. Unlike its name, the game interface and heroes are looks as a doodle to make it simple and all supportable on devices.

Train and learn to be the part of this epic combat game. Yes, you can train your hero or yourself offline. Unlike other action and combat game, this also comes with multiple weapons like the sniper, flamethrower, shotgun, knife, and other exciting features like zoom control, dual wield ability with modern and futuristic and grenades. You can also choose your playing mode as you get Co-op, Survival, and offline training mode as well.doodle

Actually, the game is based on it predecessor Doodle Army, which is the first installment of Doodle Army – Mini Militia. After a big success and players feedback, Appsomniacs LLC has made it more enjoyable game than before.

Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia is available for both Android and iOS devices. And the good thing is that Doodle Army 2 free to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, download now if you were looking for a multiplayer combat game. After downloading, you can purchase Pro Player Pack to unlock more features such as you get more ability to customize your hero, more weapons, and can unlock full access to dual wield ability.

Mini Militia Play Online – Tips and Tweaks:

Here are some tweaks and tricks to play Mini Militia online. So that, you can have more fun with Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia or to combat in a better way. Let’s see, how you can perform well and be a great militia warrior.

  • Don’t ever think to go against those who are having double score than you.
  • Before getting into a combat pre-load your weapons and reload your gunshot ASAP after emptied.kjfkdsjfkdkfdfggfd
  • Hahaha, it is better to kill or commit suicide when your health is suspicious rather giving someone winning score.
  • Sit down when a different player throws you a grenade that helps you to get less injured.
  • The piston is not wise to use as this weapon can hugely impact on your enemies.jhdkjshdskf
  • Don’t go between two attackers; it will be hard to fight against them.
  • Remember melee can boost you while fighting.

How To Download Mini Militia App?

Well, downloading Mini Militia is not a big deal as this allow you free downloading. The app size is less than 50 MB for Android and less than 100 MB for iOS users. mjhfjkdsfIf you have an iOS and Android, then you can download it from App Store and Play Store respectively.

So this were all about Mini Militia online game, which on of viral multiplayer combat game. If you love this genre game, then you should try out, as this game support on all configuration iOS and Android device. Download it right now and enjoy playing Mini Militia.

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