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Have you been played mini militia multiplayer game on your iOS and Android phone? If yes, then have you been won the game while playing online or Offline? I hope you are looking some tips and trick to get high scores and ranks. So this is the right place which you can absolutely improve your playing skill and win the game with your opponents. So before reading this post let’s talks about the mini militia game which you have been played on your iOS and Android phones.


Mini militia is one of the most popular games ever for iOS and Android phone. Now days, many iOS and Android users played this Mini Militia game on their Smartphone. It is one of stick bashed shooter game which you can play by Online and Offline. In this game, there are lots of ranks and weapons which you can select and attack to the opponent enemies. In Offline you can play the game as multiplayer mode up to 8 with your friend by connecting Wi-Fi. You can train yourself with the Sarge and Sharpen to improve your skills in offlline. So continue reading this post if you want more ideas to play or cheats in these games.

Mini Militia features

  1. These games can play without connecting the internet by your friend, by connecting Wi-Fi which you need to open Portable Hotspot. In offline mode you can player 8 friends.
  2. You can play with your Google friends by welcoming then on the game.
  3. You will get the installation size upto 47.5 MB of the game.
  4. In the game, the Google Play Games will reward the point for every of the success safe.
  5. You can select the player for full contact towards online weapons, customizations, avatar and dual wield ability.
  6. You can fly as a hero by using strong armor and shoes which you can attack easily by flying.
  7. This game is one and only interesting game for iOS and Android phone.
  8. In this game, you will get timer upto 5 min to attack your opponent.
  9. While playing online, you just need to connect internet which consumption less data.

Mini militia: How to play

mod game

  1. Try to keep away from grenade because when it come close or near you, it will reduce your damage.
  2. You can improve your rocket boot speed by melee as flying because melee gives extra boost.
  3. I hope you have been found people while playing trying to chat and could not attack fast. So you don’t need to worry, you just copy and paste below code into the chat bar and continue chat.
  4. “I like to move it”
  5. You will get different maps for playing in the game. The best map which can play easily in the game is Catacombs, Output, Lunarcy.
  6. While playing this game try to keep away from grenade which can get fast damage and lower down the shield to save your life.

Mini militia messages and chat codes:


Mini militia game is one of the games which many iOS and Android users were crazy to play on their Android phone. While playing this game you can chat before starting or ready to play the game. Here today you will get the chat codes which you can messages with your friend like

  1. LG – Lets go, yea
  2. RU – ready up
  3. NN – nooooo
  4. BI – bring it
  5. CB – come on boy
  6. GS – get some
  7. CM – cover me
  8. HH – ho raaa
  9. WP – you wanna piece of me
  10. NS – nice shot
  11. GG – good game
  12. MO – move out
  13. GM – they got me, oh

So these are the tips and tricks which you can cheat and hidden and win easily with the opponent in the game. So follow this tips and tricks to win the Mini militia game easily. So what are you waiting for download this game enjoy the game. If you have any extra ideas or want to share more about the Mini Militia game, then come to an inbox and leave a comment.

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