Mini militia free online multiplayer Army game

The mini militia is one of the leading free online multiplayer Army games, where the maximum of six can put their attention towards the game through an online and number of 12 players can be increased by using a Wi-Fi network. This game is available for Apple devices as well as for Android devices where you can enjoy shooting throughout the game by enabling on your android or apple devices. This game is one of the most popular Android games online games of this modern, where a maximum of the game lover is enjoying playing it, especially the youngsters and the students are much engaged in playing this exciting game.


Mini Militia game is also known as doodle army, for the gamers mini militia produce a hack system which will help them in achieving different benefits while playing the game. While playing the games, you can use several arms to attack your opponents like short guns, Rifles, handguns, grenades and many other weapons. Also different excellent weapons and strength can be available to you by hacking while playing the game.

Features of this game:

  • A number of six players can be played through online.
  • Also, you can play with 12 players by enabling the game through Wi-Fi connection.
  • Game Hacker is available for this game.
  • Rocket boost is available for the game.
  • You can also play this game on offline.
  • In the game, a commander is the rank chief.
  • It can be downloading for both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can control by zoom control on the game.
  • The melee attack is also available for the game.
  • You are also able to use heavy duty arm during playing the game

How to download and install:


  • Download the file from the given link
  • At this point of time open the file, that you had downloaded and install it for your device.
  • Then move Apk file to your SD card.
  • Bring in use to one of the file managers who like to go with to download and for browsing and installing it.

Playing the game on online:

While playing this game on online, you connect with a maximum of 6 online players at a time, and 12 players can be played at a time by connecting it through Wi-Fi. This online game consist of lots of interesting moment, as playing online with multiple players is always had been interesting. You can add more interest to your game while playing on online, by hacking the game and getting lots of weapons to use, it also can increase the strength of your life, and therefore playing this game, you can fill the better feeling of playing online games.

There are thousands of online games all over the world and Mini militia is one of them, which rank on the top level of all online game. This game is developed by the Appsomniacs LLC company, which can be played by six players through online and 12 players can be played by connecting on Wi-Fi. This online games has become popular within a short period and had stepped out upon the heart of maximum of the game lover, especially the youngsters and the student’s of this world really shows much interest in playing this games. Dear reader, i do hope so after reading this article you would come to know much about this online games. Thank you, hope you enjoy reading this article.

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