Mini Militia Avatars

Mini Militia is one of the most popular and trending online game. It is available on both the Android and iOS devices. This is an online multiplayer game as well as we can play offline for free. Mini Militia can be played by a group of people, it can be played by six players by using the quick play mode as well as it can be played by 12 people by connecting multiplayer in the local Wi-Fi hotspot.


mini militia avatars

This game is quite popular among the teenagers and especially for the students. This is a tricky game so you need to apply certain tricks to play this game and make impression to the people around you.


This default app has a limited feature and has restriction. To access all the pro features you need to upgrade your app. upgrading the pro pack app for free is definitely curious for geeks like us. Some features of the pro pack are listed below:

  • You can modify and build your avatar for full access.
  • In this online game you have potential to use double guns.
  • In this game Mini Militia all the store items are unlocked.
  • You will get unlimited jetpack and ammo in this app.
  • You can enter through the weapons like sniper rifle, rocket launcher, laser and many others.
  • Also the costumes are unlocked.
  • Green bombs and grenades are unlimited.

Some Methods to Upgrade Pro Pack in Android Devices:

  • In case if you have already installed then you would have to uninstalled the recent mini militia doodle army 2 game.
  • Mini militia pro pack mod apk file can app can be downloaded from Google play store.
  • You can open the file once you finish downloading and installed it.
  • Finally once you are done with all the installing, you would be able to open the app in the front screen and tap on the option upgrade.
  • Once after upgrading your pro pack successfully, you can start accessing all the pro features that includes customization avatar, dual guns and so you will get all gaming weapons online.


To crack and hack mini militia pro pack for the rooted devices they are two kinds of procedure:

Lucky Patcher procedure for upgrading

  1. App for lucky patcher.
  2. Device should be rooted for upgrading lucky patcher.
  3. Mini militia game which is downloaded from your Google play store.

Methods that should be followed

  • View the lucky patcher android app and allow accessing the root.
  • Find for mini militia and go to the options that is given, Follow=> patches=> in app emulation=> click ok and wait for few mints.
  • When everything is done launched it.
  • Here access through mini militia app and go to reform and choose purchase.
  • Finally in this step a small popup window will appear, you just need to tap on the yes button.
  • Mini militia pro pack is purchased by you successfully.

Titanium Backup procedure for Upgrading

  1. File for Titanium backup.
  2. An android app for Root explorer.
  3. You can download your backup file here.

Methods that should be followed

  • The downloaded file should be unfasten and copy it to your titanium backup folder.
  • View the titanium backup and select mini militia and doodle army 2
  • You need to restore the data.
  • And now finally the pro pack will be activated fully.

However, mini militia is going on as one of the most popular and amazing online games that is can be played by even offline for free. This game is quite popular among the teenagers and especially by the students. Thanks for reading till this line.

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