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You might have some apps on your smartphones which contain in-app store where you can buy a bunch of stuff which can add extra features or ability to your app.

Most of the apps where in-app stores are implemented are games. You can buy certain things in the in-app store with real money. You have to pay some amount of money which can be an online transaction.

So you might not want to spend any money if you are not fully obsessed with the game, but you can get those certain things without paying any money with the help of Leo Card Play. We have also explained how to use leo playcard in this article.

Leo Card Play is the app you want to consider if you really want to hack in-app stores without losing any money. In this article, I will tell you briefly about Leo Card Play and how you can download and install the app in your Android smartphones, iOS device and your PC. SO stick to this article and read each and everything carefully.

Leo PlayCard APK Download

Leo Play Card is a very convenient hacking app for mobile operating system. Although there are lots of similar apps nowadays which can provide the same features as we will get in Leo Play Card, as per my personal opinion I really like this app, and it works 100%. (I use the app for educational purpose only)

Leo Play Card is a good app that’s why this app is one of the best apps for hacking in-app stores. You can directly avail anything you want in the in-app store with the help of Leo Play Card list.

leo play card apk

Available Leo Play Card apk version that you can download

  • Leo PlayCard v1.2.apk download
  • Leo PLaycard v1.1 apk download

You guys might be familiar with CreeHack if you often to certain hacking stuff on your Android mobile phones. Creehack is a very great hacking app juts like Leo Play card, but recently people are more interested LeoPlay Card which makes it one of the best alternative for Creehack. Lucky Patcher and Freedom are also reliable hacking apps to name a few.

There are hundreds of leo playcard supported games and apps where you can use Leo Play card and hack the game to get the best experience out of it. I’ve tested plenty of games like Pinball HD, fool to name a few. These apps work perfectly without any errors and issue.

There is another thing called Free Cards which is like coupons to get paid apps or its features. With Leo Play Card, you can get lots of inbuilt free cards which you can use in Google Play store.

Not everything about Leo Card play is amazing, although it can give free in-App coins so that you can purchase certain things, you can use the features of the app only in offline games. So Leo Play Card download and its alternative will not work in online games like “Battle Gunship (multiplayer), the clash of clans. So if you are here for clash of clans, then you should look for different hacking methods.

The reason behind the limitation of hacking ability is because of the security mechanism provided by the developers of Android/iOS apps. Hacking in-apps or hacking in general for the negative purpose is always not appreciated so I would suggest you to use this hacking method for educational purpose.

Leo Play Card App User Interface

Leo Play Card consists of few sections in the app, so it will not be difficult to use this app. The app will tell if Leo Card Play is enabled or disabled for each app which is supported by Leo Play card. You will see the status “Disable” or “Enable” on the top of the app.

On the right top corner, you will see the number of coins you have.

Features of Leo Play Card

  1. With this kind of hacking ability, you might think that you will need to root or jailbreak your smartphones, but that is not the case here. The app is free of root and Jailbreak; you don’t have to have a jailbreak or rooted system for your iOS and Android smartphone respectively.
  2. Leo Play Card allows the users to bypass any app payments with its ability. This is the hacking feature which is in the work. It avoids all the payments easily.
  3. It is supported by lots of apps. If you have used Creehack and Freedom, then you can have the idea how much apps this app supports which is quite a lot.
  4. Leo Play Card is available for free for Android iOS and PC. So everything you do with Leo Play Card is free with unlimited hacking.

Leo Play Card For Android

The app is compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly bean and above.

  1. Open your google chrome browser and search for “Leo Play Card”.
  2. You will get lots of results, enter the website which you think where you can get the latest version of the app without spam.
  3. Download the apk file and install it.

Note –Go to Settings >Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” before you install the apk file.

Leo Play Card For iOS

  1. Open safari and search “Leo Play Card Ipa Download”.
  2. Enter the site and tap on the download button.
  3. Just like android you have to trust the app by going to device manager in settings.
  4. Open the IPA file and tap on “Install” button to install Leo Card Play Card app.

Leo Play Card iOS might not be available as much as on Android, but you can try your luck.

Download Bluestack Emulator in your PC. You can get an emulator for free from their official website.

  1. Download Leo plays card Apk file on your PC.
  2. Open the apk file, and Bluestack will open up.
  3. Click on the “Install” button and the app will be available on the home screen of your bluestack.

Final Words

Leo Play Card is just around 1.4 MB, and it will not take much space on your device. If you have any problem, then you can comment down below.

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