Latest PageRank PR Update

Latest PageRank PR Update

Congratulations to all!! Your webpage PR has been increased. After Panda update, this is great relief to webmasters. In recent PR, everyone is happy. I have seen 0 to 4 pr. It’s really great. But PR is not enough to get your website ranked. Keep posting fresh content on your website. This Page rank update may help you to earn by selling links but don’t forget that Google is watching you.

Impact of This PR update:

  • Old genuine content get good page rank
  • Its hard time for doorway type pages or Affiliate based businesses.
  • Duplicate content or Poor content is one of top reasons of loosing Pagerank.
  • Don’t trust on less qualified article websites. They can publish your article free of cost and without approving. But it is not more than wasting of your time and efforts.
Latest PageRank PR Update

Latest PageRank PR Update

How to Get More:

  • More Internal Linking is more opportunity to get higher Page Rank.
  • More fresh content is more page rank along with more ranking in search engine results.
  • CTR cannot be avoided while distributing Pagerank

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