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Hulu App : Imagine if you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows and other serials on your smartphone. It would be great, isn’t it? Well, we use your our smartphones more than another electronic device, and the reason is it is small and very portable. Smartphone packs all the things we would need in our daily life from entertainment to doing work; the smartphone can do all that due to the advancement of the technology.

So why not watching movies and Tv shows in smartphone also. You don’t always have access to your television to watch movies. When you are out or say on the way, you may need something to kill time. The smartphone is there for you to entertain you.

There are lots of apps nowadays for streaming and download movies and TV shows. So we will be talking about one of the apps called Hulu which is a movie and TV shows streaming app. I will tell you about Application briefly and also how you can download and install the app on our android smartphones.

hulu App download - stream tv

Hulu App

Watch unlimited movies and TV shows in your smartphone with a great app Hulu. Hulu is also known as Hulu Plus. A great tool for entertainment yourself and your friends. Since there are many streaming movie app available for android and iOS, there is a quite aggressive competition going among these apps. Hulu Plus app is doing great and maintaining their turf in this competition very well. Hulu Plus app is similar to other movie apps like ShowBox, Newest Movie HD and MovieBox with lots of similar feature.

The user interface is great with nice app design. When you will open the app you will see the home screen which is pretty obvious. In the home screen you will see different categories like most popular movies, new movies, TV shows and others. There is search bar also where you can just search the name of the movie or TV shows.

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Having a Hulu Plus App in your smartphone means you can watch movies anywhere you are, as long as you have good internet connection. You can stream movies and TV shows on your Wi-Fi and cellular data. For cellular data 3G and 4G is preferred because it will take hours to stream movies on 2G network.

In order to watch movies and TV shows for a long term on Appplication you need to subscribe to the app via your credit card information. You have to pay some amount in order to get full access to the app and watch movies and TV shows. You will get a free subscription for one week. So you can decide whether you want to subscribe for further use or not just by using it for a whole week. A week is enough for experiencing Hulu plus app properly and I’m sure you would want to subscribe to this app because of what it delivers to its users.

hulu app free download

Hulu App Pros

  1. You can watch movies and TV shows on the go without any problem.
  2. Creating account on Hulu is very easy. You can even sign in via your facebook account.
  3. Hulu App does not take a hefty amount from you for subscribing to the app after one week. It is quite a great deal for what you are getting at the price.

Hulu App Cons

  1. One of the biggest cons of Hulu App is you will not get as good experience as you will get on your big television. But you can’t complain about it since this thing has to be there in all the movie streaming app.
  2. There Ads in the app even after subscribing to the app.

How to download and install Hulu App

  1. Using your smartphone open google chrome and search for “Hulu App apk”.
  2. Enter the website where you can download the apk file Hulu App.
  3. Download the apk file and install it.
  4. You will have to enable unknown source by going to setting > Security > Unknown source.
  5. The app will be available in your android smartphone home screen.

Final words

Hulu app is compatible with android version 4.2 jelly bean and above. Hence there are no chances for any kind of lag or error that you might face while installing this simple app on your Android device.

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