How to upgrade to windows 10


*FREE* Upgrade to windows 10 : So, you would have already gone through the regular requests from Microsoft to update your operating system and you must be wondering that i should do it or not. What is preventing you from getting the update is the fact that you want to retain your old files and folders. But don’t worry, we would be providing you with a complete process of upgrading to windows 10 without losing your files and folders. Upgrading an operating system is always a tedious task as it requires lots of steps and patience. The good news is that updating to the new Windows 10 is not that tough and requires just a few clicks. But before updating there are a few requirements which your device must meet:

• Your device should have Windows 7 or Windows 8 as its operating system.• You should have a 1GHz CPU• 1GB or 2GB RAM• 16GB or 20GB of hard disk space• DirectX 9-capable video card along with WDDM driver

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If you meet all the above requirements, your device is ready for an update. So below you can find a step by step process on how to update to windows 10 :

1. First of all, if you are running windows 7 then you would have to go to start, then control panel, then system and security and there you will find the Windows update icon. On the other hand if you are running Windows 8 then you would have to go to start, then PC settings, update and recovery and there you can get the Windows update icon. This way you would be able to download the upgrade installer. 

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2. After that you will get the Windows 10 setup tab, where you would be given two options namely upgrade this PC now or create installation media for another PC. You have to select the icon named ‘ Upgrade this PC now’ and then click on the ‘Next’ icon. This action would begin the download process. The amount of time which it would take to complete totally depends on your internet connection. If you have a speedy connection then it would complete in few minutes. 


windows 2

3. As soon as you finish the downloading, you would be re-directed to the window of License terms. Here you have to click on the ‘Accept’ icon and then a final update would be done which would take you to the confirmation page. 

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windows 3

4. Before final installation you will see the below window. It would show you what actions you have chosen by default. In case you want to change your action you can click on the icon named ‘change what to keep’. This way, you would be redirected to another window. 


windows 4

5. In the next redirected window you will see 3 large icons namely ‘Keep personal files and apps’, ‘Keep personal files only’ and ‘Nothing’. Each selection has a narration below it to help you decide. In case you are not clear about what you want, you can click on the ‘Help me decide’ icon which is placed on the lower left corner of the window. Then finally click on the ‘Next’ icon. 

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windows 5

6. Finally, you will see the install screen which would have an ‘Install now’ icon. After clicking on this your PC would restart several times and then you would be redirected to the Windows login screen. 

windows 6

7. After completing the login, you will get an option to either choose the default settings or customize them. If you want to use the default settings then click on the icon ‘Use Express settings’, but if you want to personalize it then click on the ‘Customize settings’. 

windows 7

8. If you choose to customize settings then you will see the following page with two headings namely personalization and location. After making changes click ‘Next’ which would take you to another page of customize settings.

windows 8

9. The second page of customize settings would include browser and protection along with connectivity and error reporting. After making desired changes click ‘Next’ to move to the final screen. 

windows 9

10. The final page would show you new apps for Windows 10 which you can customize according to your needs. After clicking the ‘Next’ icon, you would finally be redirected to Windows 10 desktop. 

windows 10

11. And this is what the Windows 10 desktop looks like.

windows 11

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