How to open ISO Files in Windows 7/8/10? [ALL VERSIONS]

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Iso is a type of format that can be shared whenever someone downloads software of different kinds, games, etc.

As per your requirement and liking, it can be mounted to the drives and hence can be installed as per what you need. These records to the disk/ drives of your PC or laptop and such devices and then can be opened and installed. The file has to be extracted to the drive and using software like Winrar, etc. you can install it.

Open ISO Files in Windows 7/8/10:

There are different methods that can be adopted for this simple process. Let us try the one which can be done using Winrar or otherwise 7zip and open the ISO file.
Nowadays everyone does have windows 10 but using this method; it will also work with much lower versions like XP, 10, 2, 8 and 8.1

Method 1: Steps can be followed as given below.

1. Download Winrar on your PC from the official website and simply install it. It will be compatible with almost all operating versions of your windows.
2. Find the downloaded file and then right-click on it. A dialogue box appears, so simply click on extract files. You can also choose the option to extract files here so then you can choose any specific folder where the files will be extracted to.

How to open iso file windows 10 8 7

3. That’s all. Now the iso file is extracted into a normal file wherever you want it to.
The WinRAR method is super easy, and also a lot of people already have WinRAR installed on their laptops or pc devices by default. But for some reason, if you cannot use it, you can also use Ultralso for extraction and use.

Method 2: The second method or software that can be utilized is using UltraISO. Just follow the steps below.

1. Go to the official website of Ultralso and download the software and install it just like you would have for any other software. The process will be similar to that of WinRAR.
2. Once it’s installed and ready to use, open it, and you have to select the option of the File menu. Here click on open, and a new dialog box will appear. Use this to search the ISO file which you are trying to open and use as a regular folder. After finding it, simply click and open it.

3. Once done, this is literally it. You can use the setup as you normally would of the ISO file you had downloaded. Now you can install the setup, whether it was of a game or some other kind of software.


These two softwares are very easy to download, install, and use and anyone can extract the ISO files into normal PC files using them. Both the procedures are quite simple and similar, so whatever is your preference, that can be used. The entire process won’t take more than 5-10 mins, and your work is done.

If by chance, you still need help with the installation or are unable to understand through instructions given, you can resort to watching a youtube video to understand better.

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