How to Get Help in Windows 10

While using Windows 10 is easy, but there comes many times when you want to know How to get help in Windows 10 to solve out your problems. It really doesn’t matter if you are a new Windows user or you’ve been working on it for decades, there will be a time when you will ask how do i get help in windows 10 and below you can find your answer to that question. The best thing about Windows 10 is that Microsoft have paid special attention to its support and you actually get help in Windows 10 via various methods like via customer support, via phone or live chat. Below we have shared best ways to get help with Windows 10 to solve your issues easily.

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How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows and it is one of most easiest and most sophisticated version of Windows too. Many new and useful features have been added to this final version of Windows. Like Cortana, the web assistant can help you in doing your tasks easily, while Microsoft Edge browser is just another fast web browser for Windows, and another good thing about Windows 10 is that it lets you stream gameplay from an Xbox One.

Method #1. How To Get Windows 10 Help From Microsoft

There are some problems which can’t be fixed manually by yourself and requires technical assistance. If you are seeking more direct help from Microsoft professionals, then you can get in touch with Microsoft.
Before getting into touch with experts for getting help, you should try fixing the problem yourself by reading official guides and tutorials for Microsoft Windows 10.

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The good thing is Windows 10 have a built-in support center which you can access directly through start menu. To open this support center, click on start menu button and type Contact Support(without quotes) into the search box. You will get an app at the top, click on it to open Microsoft support Windows 10 app.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Contact Support

When you will open this app, it will ask you to enter your problem in into the description box and click on Next.
Then it will ask you to choose the Microsoft product you are using. Simply click Windows.

On next screen, you’ll asked to select a category your problem belongs to.
Soon it will display you help and support options with quick fixes along with other options like get a call from Microsoft right now, schedule a call, and ask the community.

Method #2. Get Help In Windows 10 From Independent Experts

If you are using a pirated or free version of Windows, then you can’t reach Microsoft experts, instead you can look for places where independent Windows experts and fellow Windows 10 users can help you with your problem for free. Suppose if you are facing problems in running a software in Windows 10, then seek assistance from the software manufacturer or post about the problem in forums.

There are some Windows 10 forums available out there where you can post your problems related to Windows 10 and get help from users and experts together. You should always take care while using forums, because you may have to post about your computer’s specifications and OS in order to get perfect solution. But never disclose your account password or other related information to anyone. 

Method #3. Use Cortana To Get Help For Windows 10

Cortana is one of the best Windows 10 feature and this digital assistant can help you with anything, almost ANYTHING. If you want to get help in Windows 10, then you can use Cortana for that. If you are just having basic issues with your Windows, then they can be solved by using Cortana. You don’t even have to visit any forums and post your problems there, or get a call from Microsoft officials.
If you are using a microphone, then click on the microphone icon or say Hey, Cortana if you have that option enabled. You can also type your query in the search box and press enter. Cortana will search for your query, and it have an answer related to it, then the answer will be displayed on your screen.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Cortana

Method #4. How To Get Help In Windows 10 – Press F1

Since the day Windows have been launched, keyboard shortcut key F1 is being used as a key for getting help. You can also get help in Windows 10 using F1 key. If you want to get help for Windows 10 related issues, then press F1 and Microsoft Edge browser will open with a page showing video related to “how to get help in windows 10”.

Another thing to remember here is that if you are using a specific software, and then you have pressed F1 to get help in Windows 10, then it will display support menu for that software. So if you want to get help for Windows 10, then press F1 after you are active on your windows 10 desktop.
How to Get Help in Windows 10

Method #5. Get Help In Windows 10 – By Microsoft Support Telephone Number

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Another thing you can do to get help for Windows 10 from Microsoft officials is by calling them over phone. Microsoft have some toll free numbers, which you can use to call them and solve your queries over a phone call. Do note that to get tech support on call, you may call on their toll free number, and in some countries you may be charged a little bit for call.
To troubleshoot and get help for Windows 10 problems you can call on the phone numbers listed below and before dialing make sure you have collected all required information about your problem so that everything can be solved quickly. If you are looking to get help in Windows 10, then this is one of the best and fastest way to get it.
  • In the USA, (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)
  • In Canada, call (877)568-2495
  • In India, contact 0008004402130
  • In UK, contact 0800 026 03 30

If you are from another country, and not able to use this phone number for calling Microsoft officials, then use below link to visit Microsoft customer support page to know each country Microsoft customer support number.

Final Words…

The basic problem of Windows 10 can be solved easily by using Google, you don’t even have to search for where to get Windows 10 help for that. You can also use troubleshooting option to fix your problems easily via control panel. Though some of the things might require additional expert support, and then you can use Windows 10 free tech support to solve your problems.


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