How to download Turbo VPN On Android, iOS and Windows devices?

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What is Turbo VPN?


VPN stands for Virtual Personal Network. It helps you in expanding a personal network across a public network.

Turbo VPN is a development by a china based company which helps you to connect with the same systems on the same local network. It provides safety to your system and data even if it is being shared in a large amount.

It uses NAT (Network Address Translation) technology, which works even if you are not using a firewall as it works behind a firewall. The interface used in this tool is simple. Its ability is to create a peer to peer networks (p2p). It creates a virtual network which is private.

Turbo VPN provides you with two modes:-
1. Simple mode
2. Advanced mode

These two modes can be used interchangeably depending on your demand and requirements.

  • Simple mode: It has only components that have interactive functions; they are- the server and the client.
  • The advanced mode: in this, the interactive components are many and therefore have different controls.

You need to select which type of mode you require. And accordingly, you have to start creating the module by adjusting the parameters that are being required.

Features of Turbo VPN:

1. It protects the network traffic when you are connected to any Wi-Fi hotspot.
2. It is compatible with 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and the types of data connections with mobile carriers.
3. Encryption of data is done by the usage of UDP/TCP, which is open VPN protocols.
4. You can download this android apk, which is light and can be downloaded for free.
5. It helps in bypassing the firewalls for school computer and school Wi-Fi.

Turbo VPN For android, iOS and PC

For PC, people who have windows 7/8/10 you have to use the given below links:-

1. For windows having 32bit: you need to download from the link mentioned below.

2. For windows having 64 bit: the link is given below for your reference.

If you are working on android based systems, then here are the links for you. You must have android 4.1 or more if you want to download this tool

1. You can go to Google Play and download it.
2. Or, even you can download it by this link,!PiQTgACA!N3wGpfgzOIsoZUsAHv49YvrvR7ff4w7b7mDyvNPMYUw

For iOS users, you need to go to the apple store and need to download it for using this tool.


So if you want your system to work more efficiently as it helps in connecting your system to the public network when you have a private network.
It provides connections for various applications that will run on your computer system example, laptop, smartphone, etc.
It will provide different benefits such as good functional support, complete security, and good management to your network.It also helps in the encryption of your data.

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