How to change your WiFi’s name and password quickly?

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Today, everyone has wifi installed at their homes and offices. All our devices, from phones to PCs, laptops, TVs, etc. are all connected to the wifi router.

However, the more the number of devices attached, the lower the speed gets, and a lot of times, we let our neighbors, etc. use the wifi, and it ends up draining our usage and reduces the speed.

We need to secure our wifi routers and connections and also avoid our personal information from getting at risk. We should change the passwords for our Wifi routers every once in a while to protect our data.

Change Wifi name and passwords within seconds:

We can easily change the name as well as wifi passwords. The process is very simple and can be done by anyone.
These steps are all you need –


1. Finding the IP address of your wifi router. If you are using a Windows PC for changing the wifi password and name, simply press the Windows button and ‘R’ key together. A dialogue box will appear, and you will have to type ‘cmd’ in it and run the program. After that type ‘ipconfig’ and you will find the IP of the router you are using. This just acts as a shortcut method.


2. Login the details of your router. You can find these details at the back of your router. The default username, as well as the password that came with the device, will be present on the router.


3. Open the browser of your device and type the router IP, and then in the dialogue box, you will enter the existing details from your router.

4. There will be a menu which you will be able to see on the left side of your device screen, and there you need to choose the wireless option.


5. Now to change the name just, you have to select from the visible sub menu the option of wireless settings and then wireless network name. You change the name according to your preference, it can be your family name, your own name or might as well be something completely random. Whatever the heart desires.

6. To change the channel of wifi, again in the wireless settings, click on the Channel and make changes as preferred.


7. To change the wifi password, the one of utmost importance, simply in the wireless security option, which you can find in the wireless sub-menu, you have to click on wireless password, now you can change the password as you need to and click on the save option.


8. Whenever in the future you wish to change the password and name, you can follow these simple steps.


Anyone can use this method, depending on the different brands of the wifi routers, a small detail or two might even change, but majorly it all remains the same, and you have the knowledge to make changes as you wish. If still unsure, you can find a lot of videos on youtube as well where they show you how to change the name and password for the router devices you use.

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