How to change username in Windows 10?

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A huge majority of the people use Windows as their main operating system for their laptops, pc, etc. All these brands like Asus, Dell, Hp, and a lot more all use Windows as their operating system for their devices as it is so easy to use and super convenient and efficient.

When a windows user turns his or her device on, they can see that for the login, a name appears. People generally set this name when they start using the device. A lot of times, people wish to change this user name. This can be because the user has changed or some other reason.

Depending upon the type of account that the user is operating, the method for changing the name can slightly differ. Regardless, it is not a difficult job, and by following a few basic steps, the user name for Windows 10 can be changed.

Change username in Windows 10:

Here is how you can change the name of your Windows 10 operating system.

Method 1 – Control Panel

You can update the account name through the user account settings in the control panel. Follow the simple steps as shown-
1. Go to the settings option on your device and open the control panel.

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2. Click on the Change account type option from the panel.

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3. Click on the local account to be able to update the name.

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4. Select the option to change the account name.

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5. Now write whatever you need the new account name to be.

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6. Click on the option of Change Name.

That’s it. Now just sign out and sign in to be able to see the new and updated account name for your windows 10.

Method 2- netplwiz for change of name

Follow these simple steps if you feel like the first method did not work out well for you.

1. On the start menu of your device, search the words netplwiz, and from the results seen, just click on the first top result from the lot. The windows start menu can be opened simply by clicking on the windows key on your keyboard or else on the bottom left corner you will see a windows logo, so just click on it.

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2. Select the account of the user you want to change the name of.
3. Select the option of properties.

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4. By choosing to update just the username, the nickname of your account gets changed, whereas, by choosing to update the full name, a different name of your account is shown whenever you sign in to your device.
5. Hit the apply option and then click on OK for the changes to be made final.

That is all you had to do, and now you know exactly how quickly you can change the user name of the device you are using.

These are both just really simple ways to be able to change the user name or the main, full name on your Windows 10 operated device. Depending on the number of users and the change in users, these are just really easy and convenient methods to follow. Even if you buy a second-hand laptop or device, such simple methods of making changes really make usage so easy.

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