How to activate Windows Server without product key?

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Majorly, the mass majority in the world uses Windows as it is affordable and comes in a variety of price ranges. The server which windows provide is specialized, and hence let us see how we can activate the server in our VPS and or other dedicated servers without having to shell out even a penny. We will be using the KMS client product key.

Activate windows server without product key

We are using KMS as it is free and can be activated for the end number of times. You will have to activate it every 180 days, which is decent considering you do not have to pay for it. Just easily renew it whenever you run out of license validity. Also, the license will be renewed on its own within the span of every 7 days, so you really do not even have to do anything.

NOTE: This method is not for standard users of the desktop edition of Windows, so do not continue, if you are. We do not hold any responsibility for any sort of damage if you do not listen to the warning.

Once that is out of the way, this method is supported by the following products:
Windows Server 2019/2016, 1803,1809, 1709, as well as 2008/2012 (R2).

We will be looking into two methods,

Method 1:

The first method is where you will install the client key of KMS manually, which will activate the Windows server.
Follow as given below,
Step 1 – Get the correct product key for the type of server you are using.

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Step 2 – On your server, install the key and then, just right click on the Windows button, and a dialogue box will appear, click on the option of “Command prompt (Admin)”. Type “slmgr /ipk CLIENTKEY” in the window. Simply click enter every time you put in any command.

2 1

Step 3 – You will have to set up the KMS server now. In the window, type in “slmgr /skms”.

Step 4 – Activate the client key by KMS by entering the command of “/ato” and this will lead to the activation of your windows.

4 1
That’s it, the method was super simple, and can be easily followed by anyone. If this method is difficult, and if you are facing any difficulty, you can try the second method, which is given below.

Method 2

This method is by using the batch file, which is prewritten, and you can activate the windows server. You will not need any product key. Follow the simple steps below.

6 1
Step 1 – Copy all the text written below in a notepad or any such text file on your device.
On this link, you will find a huge text/ code.
Just copy and save it.

7 1

Step 2 – Save it as a batch file. You can name it “1click.cmd”. This batch file is very easy to create, but very important.


Step 3 – Once saved, right-click on the batch file and from the dialogue box, choose the option of ‘Run as administration.’

9 1
That is all you have to do; simply go and check the server’s activation status.

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