Download Windows 10 Pro (Build 10240) ISO file

Download Windows 10 Pro (Build 10240) ISO file

There are lots of windows users who want to update their windows to the latest Windows 10 version but are unable to do so with download windows 10 pro 64 bit iso. The installation of the update does not proceed until 100%, and this result in the frustrations of its many users with download windows 10 pro activator. So if you are suffering from the same problem or you do not know how to install to windows 10 pro (build 10240), then we have brought you the best solution to download windows 10 pro free.

If you have been installing windows in the past, then you may know about the installation of windows through ISO files with download windows 10 product key. This is a very handy method to install Windows 10 pro without using media tools. Before we get into anything else, let’s talk about Windows 10 ISO files.

Windows 10 Pro Download ISO 64 bit

ISO files replicate the DVD files in the form of digital or virtual copy. Usually, the conventional way of installing windows is to use Windows DVD but ISO can eliminate that purpose, and you can easily install windows 10 pro without using DVD, CD or BD. You just need to have the ISO file of the windows 10 pro (build 10240), and you are good to go. We will provide you the link to install Windows 10 pro (build 10240) later in this article.

This article is where you will get the ISO files of windows 10 pro along with the tutorial on how to install it. There are some issues and errors which most people are facing windows 10, so we will also give you the solution to that problem as well with other windows 10 pro download 64 bit with crack full version.

There are many files aside from windows which are also available in ISO form so that you can install them if you don’t have a DVD drive. You can easily transfer those files and store it into your USB drive. ISO files need to be extracted as they are in a compressed form. Windows 10 pro ISO files should be extracted into your computer before you make an attempt to install it.

Media creation tools also let you install windows 10 pro, but now Microsoft is also providing the windows 10 pro ISO file(build 10240) to reach its vast customers who can get an option on how they would want to install windows in their computer.

You can easily burn the ISO files into a disc without the use of any third party software.

Now let’s talk about the greatness and what’s new about the windows 10 pro (build 10240).

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Windows 10 pro

Microsoft had made a significant upgrade with windows 10 when it was launched. This was a long overdue upgrade which the window user needs. Although the interface didn’t change much a compare to windows 8, it is completely different from windows 7.

Windows 10 is easy to use and the most common operating system with millions of users. We all know how to operate windows which makes windows a dynamic operating system. If we talk about its features, then it has all the goodness of Windows 7 and 8 with Windows 10’s own unique and exciting features.

Windows 7 and 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free from the Microsoft website. You can purchase windows 10 as well, and you do not need other software to install windows 10.

Windows 10 is compatible with devices like desktop, laptop, smartphones, Xbox, tablets and Hilo lens. Every device has its own version of windows with some tweakings which makes the operating system suitable for any particular device.

Windows 10 Pro is a hassle-free experience operating system which has a very high rating. It has built-in voice assistant called Cortana to assist you with whatever queries you have. You can do a lot with Cortana to make your life better, but that is about another topic so we won’t be talking about that.

With Windows 10 Pro you get 35+ pins for your lock screen while you only get 4 on windows 8.

However, there are few discontinued features which were present in the windows 10

1. An inbuilt windows DVD player and One Drive is not available anymore in windows 10 pro (Build 10240).

2. Updating windows version with an option to choose the version is discontinued.

3. The window media player is not available in windows 10 pro.

These missing features in Windows 10 Pro is not a problem for people who never used it, and even if they want this software ,then they can easily download from the Windows Store and also windows 10 pro download free.

Some exciting features of windows 10 pro

1. The start menu is upgraded with a dual panel which shows recent and most used apps while the other panel shows the rest of apps which can be easily customize. The start menu can also be expanded to full screen in windows 10 pro.

2. Voice assistant Cortana is available to assist you with everything you need.

3. The multi-task feature is also improved.

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How to download windows 10 pro ISO file

1. Enter this web address . (Use edge browser)

2. After entering the page, click on a point and then go to inspect element.

3. Now you are in the debugging tool, go to performance tool and select “Emulation.”

4. Now change the agent string to Apple iPad (safari).

5. Now the page will reload, and it will start downloading the windows 10 pro (build 10240) ISO files instead of media creation tools.

This method works 100%, and it is completely legal to follow. You can easily install windows 10 pro using the ISO file and extracting it. Media creation tools are not need, but it has its own advantages like automatic updates. With ISO files you may have to update the windows version manually or windows 10 pro download latest version.

Download ISO file of Windows 10 pro 64 bit is very handy if you do not have internet access and want to upgrade your windows version and download windows 10 pro iso file. You can also upgrade other PC with a similar build without the need of internet or you can download from official website here.

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