Download Quick Shortcut Maker App


All people in the world are daily users of various devices such as Smartphones (including Android phones and apple i-phones) and personal computers (including desktops and laptops). We use many applications on these devices, and some are used very frequently while others are used very rarely. We generally need to create shortcuts of frequently used apps and other than necessary apps. But are we able to?

Sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes no. But why are we not able to create shortcuts for apps sometimes? Actually what happens is sometimes some apps do not provide a setting option to create a shortcut on our devices. Also, they do not offer widget in the menus. So is wandering through various folders the only solution to access applications on our devices.

Well here is a solution that comes in the form of application “Quick Shortcut Maker” (an apk application) that can create shortcuts for everything on our devices. Let us check out all the features and benefits that this application offers.

What is Quick Shortcut Maker?

Quick Shortcut Maker is a .apk application that runs on various operating systems including Android, Ios, and it also works on windows in personal computers. It offers on the click fast access to your applications and also boosts the speed of your device. It is basically a device assistant and helps you to locate the app that you desire. For Android devices, it requires Android v1.6 or above for running this app. It supports all Ios and all windows operating systems too. So it is a solution to users of all kinds and device users.

Key Features of Quick Shortcut Maker

As the name says, it eases your job for accessing your most used and necessary apps by creating shortcuts on your app drawer. It is very user-friendly and is used by a lot of people. Also, its compact size is nothing to worry about. Simple to install and operate gives satisfaction to users.

1. This application is a free of cost application and widely available from reliable sources such as the official website of the developer and the Google play store. It is very easy to download and install the application with guidance on such procedures given alongside the sources.

2. The app helps us to locate the required apps all of a sudden without wasting your precious time in finding your apps and content by going through your phone completely.

3. Easy layout and user-friendly scheme of the application makes it self-explanatory. Once the application is downloaded and installed, any user will be able to operate easily and run the application.

4. It comes in the format .apk and can be shared easily with anyone. The format is also supported by almost all the operating systems.

5. This application is very well supported by all available android devices, devices that run on ios and even Windows computers and phones. Hence anyone would be able to utilize the benefits that the product has to offer.

6. The application utilizes a very small size of your device. It is hardly 2.0 MB of size and can be easily stored in the device.

The application aforesaid mentioned has high value without any cost and without any effort to manage space on your device.

Pros of using the application Quick Shortcut Maker

The Quick shortcut maker application comes in apk format, and it might be the simplest and most useful application that your device requires.

1. Very easy to use and simple layout. Once downloaded and installed, it is super easy to use the application.

2. Supports almost all kinds of devices with all kinds of operating systems that are available in the cyberspace. Hence it can be used by all persons operating devices of all kinds.

3. Very compact and hence not much space is required. Only 2 MB of space is required by the application. It will not be a problem to clear a 2 MB space for this app.

4. It can be a handy tool for day to day functioning at your device and may help you save a lot of time which otherwise you would have wasted finding apps and other information on your device.

5. It is free of cost and can be downloaded multiple times even. Hence it has great value against no price.

6. It is easily shareable and transferable. Using various applications and platforms one can share this application with others.

7. It has various other shortcuts and attractive themes and widgets that any device user can add on their screens for the efficient functioning of their devices.

8. It boosts the performance of your device and also helps you locate the files that you need instantly without wasting efforts and time.

The Quick Shortcut Maker Application can be downloaded by using the below-mentioned steps:

The quick shortcut maker is a simple application and can be downloaded from many sources. It can be downloaded by Android users, ios users, and Windows PC users as well. Let us understand the procedure to download and install this amazing application of all operating systems step by step:

App Download for Android supported devices

1. Download the application using either Google play store of other reliable source first.

2. Then we should wait for the file to download completely. After the file is downloaded two options appear as “Install” and “cancel.”

3. Click on the install option and wait for the app to install completely on your device.

4. In a few moments, your application will be installed on your device.

5. In case of error while installation, go to the device settings and make sure that the unknown sources tab has been enabled.

6. The minimum version of Android required for this application is v1.6 or above. Space of 2 MB must be available, and it comes free of cost.

All the above steps will successfully help you to download and install your application properly.

App Download for Windows PC

1. First of all download the application from correct and reliable sources. It can be downloaded from the App store, an official service provider of the application or the third party site.

2. Then we must wait for the file to download on the PC from the sources mentioned above.

3. Then click on the application and a dialog box with two options “Run” and “cancel” will appear once the file is downloaded.

4. Click on the “run” and wait for a few moments for the application to run successfully on your PC.

5. In a few moments, the application will be successfully installed on your PC without any problems.

6. Now we can access the application and operate as per our need and can enjoy the benefits that it gives.

Hence, using the above easy steps, anyone can download and install the application on the PC and use it smoothly. Downloading application from PC is very simple, and the sources also offer the step by step guidance for successful download and installation of the application. It helps you manage your applications on your desktop and gives you knowledge about the settings that you perhaps were unaware of till now.

App download for ios users

Make sure that you have a computer with good internet speed with you for downloading and installing this app on your Apple device. Let us proceed with the download and installation procedure:

1. Download the app Quick Shortcut Maker on your PC (As has been explained above).

2. After the download is complete, open the application an make sure to connect your Apple device with the application.

3. Then you will see that the Quick Shortcut Maker will be installed in your Apple device.

4. Now you can simply install and run the application on your device.

So by following the above-mentioned steps you can easily download and install and successfully operate the application without any issue on your Apple devices, be it apple I phone, or I pad.

Quick Shortcut Maker apk application for PC, Android, and ios conclusion:

The application is one of a kind, and it is quite helpful for all the devices that work on android, ios and windows operating systems. It is a genuine application with many downloads and positive feedbacks.

It requires minimum configuration on your device and works perfectly fine. It has its easy to use a layout that is very helpful for any new user to this application. Its compact size also adds to its advantage, and one has to not worry about the space that other applications require. The primary focus being, it helps to make the shortcuts for almost everything on your device and solves your problem that the default settings on your phone are unable to do.

Frequently used apps and settings and be accessed on a single click and can be kept in the app drawer for easy reach of the application. Easy to download and install and it is free of cost. It is reliable to use and offers great benefits. So just download your application and optimize the usage of your phone as per your ease and convenience.