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Aptoide App Store

Download Aptoide App Store : In today’s time apps have become a necessary and a basic requirement of our life. We have apps for every task you perform. From day to night whether you work, whether you’re a student, whether you have a business none of them are now possible without apps, apps have become a part of our lives which helps us to get 100% from ourselves and helps in achieving our goals efficiently. In that case, you won’t want to pay for them and would prefer to get them for free.

Well to help you out there, there is another application named Aptoide stores. Aptoide app store is an amazing play store’s alternatives out there for you, it helps you choose from tons of apps and games and let you download them for free. It is an android application with a really easy and great way of downloading those paid aptoide apps out there for free. It is not out of those playstore’s alternative which comes with malware or spyware or some other sort of viruses rather it’s completely safe and risk free and one of the “must have“ apps With some of its outstanding and unbelievable features you might prefer it as your first choice. Download Aptoide App Store

With more than 330,000 apps so far and more than 1580 million user counts it has With more than 330,000 apps so far and more than 1580 million user counts it has gain a huge popularity as playstore’s alternative. So it’s safety, popularity, high revenue, the huge list of features all this adds up to making it one of the best application that you should have. Download Aptoide App Store

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Features of Aptoide App Store:

  • One of the best and attractive features of Aptoide is its quality of providing all paid apps for free so you need not pay for anything you.
  • Another feature of Aptoide Store is that it itself is available for free.
  • All of the apps provided by Aptoide are completely safe and are scanned and verified from malware and viruses.
  • It supports a number of different languages so that adds to its advantage.
  • Downloadable for android, iPhone, PC.
  • Provide 5 % more revenue than playstore which is a good advantage for application developers out there.

how to download aptoide app store

  • It also has an upper hand as it provides some apps that are not even available at playstore.
  • Normally updates are made available in some countries like USA, UK, and Canada earlier and is made later after available to other eastern and middle eastern countries, but Aptoide let you avoid this!Download Aptoide App Store
  • With its latest v8 version which is working amazingly and also has an awesome and attractive user interface which also gives your device a nice and attractive look.Download Aptoide App Store
  • Have a number of useful apps which you won’t even found on the playstore.
  • Also have an “Editor’s choice” these are chosen by the editors themselves for you. These would include apps chosen by the editor’s themselves.Download Aptoide App Store
  • As this app directly competes with Google Playstore you won’t find it on the app store and you need to look for the app from an external source.Download Aptoide App Store

Another awesome part of the Aptoide application is that it is available out there for each and every version of your android device. The only downside of Aptoide apk is that it is only available on your android device which means you can’t download it if you don’t have one. But hey! Don’t get unhappy because today we are gonna tell you how you can actually download this for your iPhone, your PC or any of your devices. So without doing any further delay let’s start on how to download Aptoide for your iPhone device.Download Aptoide App Store

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How to Download Aptoide?

As this app directly competes with Google Playstore you are not gonna find it on the app store, and you will have to look for the app from an external source. As we have told you already that Aptoide is an android application so obviously you need to make arrangements for it to make work in your PC or in your iPhone etc. These arrangements will help you to run an android app (in this case Aptoide) for you.Download Aptoide App Store

For Aptoide to be able to work in your PC you need an android emulator in your PC, there’s a number of them out there. I would recommend Bluestacks because it is one of the best and one of the most widely use.Download Aptoide App Store

For iPhone you need your device to be Jailbroken, Jailbreaking will let your device to be enable to run code, and modify system that has not been sanctioned by Apple. So if you want to run this application on your IOS you need to perform Jailbreak and then you can easily run Aptoide apps even in your iPhone.Download Aptoide App Store

As it is an android app so you don’t need to do any pre-arrangement like you need to do in your PC or iPhone

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Steps to install Aptoide:

  • First you need to open your default browser.
  • Now open your search engine. Google and Bing are the two most trusted and widely used search engine which we will personally prefer to you.
  • Now type “Aptoide download” in your search engine and then click search for the search results.
  • Go for the genuine and safe appearing results out of them, usually the first few are the one you would go for.

how to download aptoide

  • This would open the new page for you.
  • Click on “Install Aptoide” this would start the download for you after waiting some time the downloading will get complete.
  • Open the downloaded app and then install it by accepting any terms if there.
  • After some time installation will get complete and app will be ready to use for you.
  • Open the app and use it for downloading any other app you want for completely free just by searching it by its name in the search bar at the top.
  • Now you can enjoy and use it as you want


So this was the tutorial on how to install Aptoide in your device. We hope that this has proven to be useful to you and hopefully we were able to clarify your doubts if you had any.

Aptoide App Store
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