Citi Costco Credit Card


2017.3 Update: Offer for executive members: now get $55! Ending on Apr 9.

2018.2 Update: On this card, Citi removes the Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF) from Jan 25, 2018.


If you want to apply for Citi Costco credit card then here is the link:


  1. At US gas stations you can earn 4% cash back (including Costco gas station); at US restaurants and eligible travel spending you can earn 3% cash back; at Costco and earn 2% cash back and on other purchases get 1% cash back.
  2. If you are a Costco member, no annual fee for you.
  3. From Jan 25, 2018, no foreign transaction fee.


  1. No significant sign-up bonus.
  2. On your name, you must have an active Costco membership. And if you do not maintain it, then they may cancel your Card Account and participation in this program of Costco membership. To redeem Costco Cash Rewards earned with the Card, you must maintain your Costco membership.
  3. You can earn 4% cash back only on first $7,000 purchases per Annual Reward Year at US gas stations, after that, you can earn only 1% cash back.
  4. You will get your cash back as Costco annual coupon; although it is still a little painful that you can redeem them for cash at Costco.


  1. [8/65 Rule] every eight days, you can apply for at most 1 Citi card and every 65 days for at most 2 Citi cards, whether it approved or not.
  2. it is advisable only to apply when there are less than six hard pulls in the past six months as Citi values the number of recent hard pulls a lot,
  3. If you have a credit history of at least one year, then only apply for this card.


It is an excellent no annual fee plus cash back credit card among no annual fee credit cards. It provides you the highest cash back after Sallie Mae (SM) that is 4% cashback on gas (include Costco gas). It also offers 3% cashback on restaurants which is also as high as Chase AARP. On Costco itself, the cashback is 2%, and the only competitors regarding cashback are Fidelity Visa Signature and Chase Freedom Unlimited. But because of the 5/24 rule, Chase Freedom Unlimited is not available for many and Fidelity Visa Signature is useless thinking the Citi Double Cash (DC) exists. In the end, all bonus classes are excellent, for those who are not genuinely interested in favor cashback, miles and points so for all of them this is a great card to keep! Note that there is no sign-up bonus on this card, so it is better to downgrade or convert this card than directly apply for it.

Note that, for this card, first you need to be a Costco member and the annual fee for the Costco membership is $55 without additional cash back at Costco) or $110 to get 2% extra cash back at Costco.

But the question is should you apply for a Costco membership purely because of this credit card even though you are not interested in Costco? In my view, it is not worthwhile, because the benefit is not worthy of a $55 annual fee. But on the other hand, it is not a bad idea to try it for a year. Who knows, you become Costco fan.


  1. To check Citi application status, call on 888-201-4523.
  2. 866-336-7285 is Citi reconsideration backdoor number, or you can call it Citi EO (Executive Office) phone number. The customer care representatives are helpful but note that it is not made for reconsideration.


So after reading it, if you want to apply for Citi Costco credit card, click on the link given below:


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