Bumble Dating App for Android

Bumble Dating Apps are an excellent way to interact with people who might be interested in you. Having a connection and loving someone is always special and it makes us feel special amazing also. An app like Tinder is one of the best apps for dating because it has been highly rated with satisfactory results. Although Tinder is a great dating app but there other dating apps like Bumble Dating app which is a popular dating app or tool nowadays.

So we are going to talk about Bumble app, and I will guide you how you can download this app on your Android devices.

Bumble Dating App

Bumble app is an online platform where singles can meet up with other people around them. You just need to get a match to interact with the person. Lots of people are looking for Bumble app and downloading it. Bumble app is a great dating app of 2017. You can find and meet new people around you who can be your companion. Location-based technology is implemented in this bumble where you can meet the people in your surroundings and not living in other countries. It automatically detects new people around you so that you can catch up quickly after meeting each other in Bumble.

bumble dating app for android

Bumble app is currently one of the best and trendiest dating app available in Google play store. Bumble app is also getting popular in iOS platform, in fact, Bumble app was first available for iOS users only but since it was getting popular bumble was available for Android also in December. There are many features which are similar to Tinder which makes it the best alternative for Tinder app.

How to use Bumble App

First, you need to create an account in Bumble which is very easy. You can connect your bumble account to your Facebook account for getting necessary information and pictures etc. Enter your name, age, sex and other basic information, and your account will be created instantly.

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One of unique features of this dating app is that it lets female to start a conversation. If you are a male, the only thing you can do to show interest is that you can send a friend request. The girl or woman will decide if she wants to start a conversation or not. Also if a friend request sent by a male is not accepted within 24 hours, then it will get deleted. Other features are very similar to tinder like swiping right if they are interested or left if they are not and continue to do so.

Features of Bumble dating app

  1. The app is mostly for women, and it is very centric towards females. The women will decide if they want to take it further by starting a conversation which cannot be done by males.
  2. Bumble app has a great location based matching feature.
  3. The undo features provide the accidentally swiped profiles, and it will bring back the previous profile on your screen.
  4. Another unique feature of bumble dating app is that it provides an inbuilt photo editing for your profile pictures and other photos in your bumble profile.

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Now I will show you how you can download the Bumble app on your Android devices. Bumble app is compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly bean and above.

Steps to download and install Bumble dating app on Android smartphones

  1. Using your Android smartphone open up google play store. If you have not created a Google account, then you need to create a Google account for downloading apps from google play store. Now type “Bumble app” in the search bar.
  2. A simple tap on the search button and it will show the results.
  3. Tap on Bumble App on the list, and the installation screen will open.
  4. Tap on the install button and bumble app will start installing on your Android smartphone.
  5. After it will get installed Bumble app will be available on your home screen.

Final Words

Now you can use bumble app on your Android devices. Follow the steps above to create an account and start matching now. So, what are your waiting for? Meet new people around you who are looking for your company and waiting for you to make them unique.


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