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Download BombSquad Mod Apk Download

BombSquad Mod APK : The rise of Mobile gaming is incredible, and it hasn’t reached its peak and to make things more exciting there are other features added regularly with the updates and with exciting tournaments held every now and then, the community is going to the right direction. But this article is about taking up the excitement in a different way, and that way is the mod way. Android gamers love mods, and the BombSquad player wants the mod version to avail some exciting new features which we will talk about in this article. I will also talk about how you can install BombSquad Mod APK on your Android, iOS, and PC, so keep reading this article till the end.

BombSquad Mod Apk Download

What is BombSquad Mod APK?

Bombsquad is the game for action lover, and as the name suggests, it is all about bombs with each bomb having it’s own significant power attributes which you can use according to your tactics and strategy. The game is more about getting blind aggressive rather than getting to strategic, but you can win each and every game with little bit of strategy which mostly involves what bombs to use at what time.

This game is suitable for players who want to play solo or with a group of friends as it supports offline as well as online gameplay. The game is full of entertainment with explosives gameplay, no pun intended. If you have not tried it already then I suggest you get a grip about the game by playing a couple of matches in the normal mod and then go for the mod version as you will get more excited about playing the mod version after playing the regular version.

BombSquad has various game modes which are suitable for all types of player. The game modes include single player, Co-op which consists of 1-4 players, teams and free for all which contains a maximum of 8 players.

BombSquad is more enjoyable with the controller, and that is why many people prefer playing this game with an emulator on the PC. So for those guys who want to play this game on an emulator, I will guide you on how you can download BombSquad on your Windows PC.

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The game is held in an arena which you can choose according to your preference. There will be multiplayer depending on which mode you chose to play on. As the game starts, you need to attack your opponents with kicking, punching, collect objects and the most important, throw bombs.

As you start your game, the arena will be full of activity, and during the game, there will be colorful explosives, and that is when you know there are lots of things to collect. You need to grab the items before your enemies do. These items have various power-ups including shields, sticky bombs, health, and boxing gloves, etc.

The game gets more intense after looting as the one who is faster in collecting and has a better aim will start to dominate the match. You might just hope that their aim is bad or you loot better items. The throwing mechanism is physics-based, so you need to very precise about throwing bombs at your enemies. Your enemy will deal with the most damage if you throw your bombs right in the top of them.

Download BombSquad Mod APK

This is where the excitement goes into an insane level. The entertainment you will get out of the modded version far better than the regular version. If you are worried about running the mod version in your iOS and PC, then you don’t have to worry about it.

BombSquad Mod was released a while ago and there are many people who are looking for ways to download this mod version, or they are just looking for the website where they can get BombSquad Mod APK for free. As you are here reading, this article, I can tell you that you are the right place because I will provide the link to download the latest version of BombSquad Mod APK for your Android, iOS, and PC.

Download BombSquad Mod latest APK download

BombSquad regular version has lots of features, and on top of that, BombSquad Mod version brings in lots of more exciting features which you definitely will find interesting once you read through them. So below are the features of BombSquad Mod APK

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BombSquad Mod features

1.    As you may already know that there are in-app purchases in the regular version which includes avatar and other exciting items. These things are not for free in regular version, but with the mod version, you can buy anything you want because you will get unlimited tickets and money to buy anything you want in the game.

2.    The Mod version will also give you more flexibility as you are playing with your friends and family, you will get unlocked items in the game, and you will be able to use them both in online as well as offline.

3.    The mod version brings a great feature for a group of friends who wants to play together even when they don’t have an internet connection, one just needs to make a hotspot, and the rest needs to connect to that hotspot and this way your game will start as a LAN. This is a very convenient way of playing BombSquad with your squad without worrying about data.

4.    BombSquad Mod also gives you various arenas, and some of the arenas are hilarious. This will definitely increase the gameplay experience. There are toilet seat, football ground, dice and lots of arenas to play on.

Now let’s talk about how you can download and install BombSquad Mod apk on your Android device. The method is very simple, and you don’t need to have any intellectual knowledge about the Android system. Before we get into the downloading process, let’s go through the requirements to play this game in an Android device.

Version –1.4.146

APK size –51.8 MB

Android version – Android 4.0.3 or above

Steps to Download BombSquad Mod APK On Android

1.    Open this URL  using Google Chrome browser.

2.    Your phone will redirect to Google Play Store, and you need to install 4sync third party all Store.

3.    The mod version of BombSquad is available in 4Sync for free.

4.    Just open 4sync and search for BombSquad.

5.    Now simply install BombSquad Mod APK.

6.    Before installing the APK file make sure that you enabled the Unknown sources from the settings.

7.    This will not bring any obstacle or whatsoever when you will start installing the BombSquad Mod APK.

Now BombSquad Mod is installed in your Android. You will be able to play directly by opening the app.

Steps to Download BombSquad mod for iOS

BombSquad mod works on iPhones which are not jailbroken.

1.    Go to WiFi settings using your iOS device.

2.    Scroll down and tap on “I” button.

3.    Find the DNS option and enter the following DNS address. This DNS address will work worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where your location is.

4.    Now open BombSquad, you will enter a completely different server which is known as a modded server.

There is no official BombSquad app for iOS on App Store, so you need to download BombSquadiPA file separately.

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Steps to Download BombSquad Mod for PC

Make sure that you have BlueStacks emulator.

1.    Download the APK file from this URL Download BombSquad Now.

2.    Install the APK file and BlueStacks will open up automatically.

3.    Now you can play BombSquad Mod In your emulator.

So these were the best ways to play BombSquad Mod in Android, iOS, and PC. However, there are few doubts which people have which I will answer below.

BombSquad FAQ

Q1. Can we play BombSquad online with the BombSquad mod version?

Ans. Yes, you can play.

Q2. Do we get BombSquad unlimited tickets and BombSquad money in online?

Ans. Yes

Q3. How to mod BombSquad in Android?

Ans. Just follow the given steps above.

Q4. Can we log in BombSquad to our social accounts?

Ans. Yes, even with the mod version.

Q5. Can we get banned if we play BombSquad mod?

Ans. So far there is no case of banning so you are safe with the mod version.

Q6. is BombSquad Mod free to download?

Ans. Thanks to the mod developers, the app is completely free across all platforms.

Q7. What is the size of BombSquad Mod?

Ans. Only 51.2 MB

Q8. How to get BombSquad in-app purchases for free?

Ans. You will get unlimited tickets and money and using those money, you can buy anything you want.

Q9. How to get back the regular version of BombSquad?

Ans. Just uninstall the mod version and install the regular version on play store.

Q10. Can we play offline BombSquad with Mod?

Ans. Yes


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