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Bobby Movie box : Smartphones have become so much useful and we use this device every day. It’s like we cannot do our task without the use of our smartphones. From doing important work like sending mails to clients or watching movies and videos, we all do it on our smartphones. I’m sure there are still many people who are not used to do all these tasks on their smartphone but as the technology is getting advanced, we can see that smartphones will eliminate other alternatives for doing work online or watching movies on other devices.

If we talk about movies, lately lots of smartphone users watch movies on their smartphone or want to use their smartphone as their primary entertaining device. There are lots of apps and websites where you can download and stream movies online.

So today we are going to talk about one such app which is great for all the smartphone users out there who wants to watch movies, TV shows and cartoons on their smartphone. The name of the Bobby Movie Box. I will also guide you through some steps on how you can download and install bobby movie box apk application on your android and iOS devices.

bobby movie box app download

Bobby Movie Box app

Bobby Movie Box is a movie streaming app for both android and iOS users. There are many apps in the market for streaming movies and TV shows. So you can expect a tough competition in this category. So every movie streaming app has to be unique and best in its own way and Bobby Movie Box is no exception. Almost every movie box delivers a great experience in terms of watching movies and TV shows online. Some of the famous names in movie streaming apps are Showbox, Movie Box, Playbox HD and lately Bobby Movie Box is becoming quite popular. So let’s get to know about the app more.

There are thousands of movies and Full episodes TV shows are available in Bobby Movie Box. From Hollywood to Bollywood you can expect all the movies. In the home screen of Bobby Movie Box, you will see few categories categorised as popular movies, new movies, genre and TV shows etc. There is also a search bar for whatever specific movie or TV show you want to watch.

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The user interface is very similar to Showbox and Movie Box which is a great thing. You will not get confused on how to navigate yourself to watch a particular movie.

Features of Bobby Movie Box App

  1. A great platform for streaming movies and TV shows without any issues.
  2. A great user interface.
  3. All the videos and Movies are available in high quality. You can watch the contents in HD.
  4. Application will bring new features with its new updates.
  5. You can bookmark any movie so that you can watch it later without not having to search for it again.
  6. Great alternative for the apps which are the best in the business like Showbox and Mega Box.

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Now I’m going to guide you how you can download and install Bobby Movie Box in your android and iOS devices. First let’s talk about android, Bobby Movie Box is available for android but unfortunately, it is not available in Google Play store so you have to download the apk file of the app which is available in many third party websites.

bobby movie box app download

-Bobby Movie Box is compatible with Android version 4.2 jelly and above.

How to download Bobby Movie Box on your android device

  1. Using your android device open up google chrome and search for “Bobby Movie Box apk”.
  2. Enter the website by simply on it.
  3. Tap on the download button and the apk file Bobby Movie Box will start downloading.
  4. Open the apk file and install the app.
  5. The app will be available on your android home screen.

How to download Bobby Movie Box on your iOS device

  1. Open up Apple app store and search for Bobby Movie Box.
  2. Open the installation page or screen of Bobby Movie Box.
  3. Install the app and that’s it, the app will be available on your home screen.
  4. You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device.

Final words

So, now you have another great movie watching app on your home screen. So, just break the boredom and start watching your favorite movies in all the genres.




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