BHIM App Download – Bharat Interface for Money Application for Android, iOS

BHIM App Download

BHIM App : Head Administrator PM Narendra Modi on Friday propelled a UPI (United Payments Interface) based application called BHIM, short for Bharat Interface for Money. The BHIM application is a clear UPI application, which would permit anybody to make straightforward computerized installments specifically from their financial balance, and it is presently accessible for download.

The UPI-based BHIM application allows anybody to pay or get cash through web-based saving money, not at all like a wallet where you need first to load the cash before you can utilize it.

“Be it a cell phone or highlight telephone of Rs 1,000-1,200, BHIM application can be used. There is no need of Internet availability,” says PM Modi. “One just needs a thumb. Sometime in the past, an ignorant was called ‘Angutha chhap.’ Presently, time has changed. Your thumb is your bank now. It has turned into your personality now.”


  • The application permits you to efficiently exchange cash or make an installment from your ledger utilizing just your telephone number. If the businessperson uses the BHIM application as well, only open the app, pick “send cash,” and sort in the sum and the trader’s telephone number to make the installment. The money will be charged from your record, and credited to the shipper’s financial balance which is connected to you and the merchant to the BHIM app.
  • BHIM is currently accessible as an Android adaptation download now, and in iOS, it will be coming soon.
  • The application additionally permits you to filter a QR code. The vendor can produce his QR code through the BHIM application. To pay him, you’d have to tap the Scan and Pay option in the application and afterward filter the QR code.
  • Indeed, even without a smartphone, anybody can utilize BHIM to make payments.You need to dial *99# from any cell phone, and this will demonstrate a menu – by writing in various numbers, you can send cash, check you’re adjust or see exchange history.
  • To send money, for instance, you’d write “1” and hit send, then sort “1” again to choose the portable number. Next, you’d write in the number and the sum, and afterward a PIN that can be produced utilizing BHIM. This will chip away at any telephone – even Rs. 1,000 element communications – without an Internet association.
  • Business people can utilize the BHIM application and get cash from a cell phone, or if the client has connected a ledger and her Aadhaar ID, then the dealer can use Aadhaar Pay, an application that was delicate propelled days prior. For this, the trader needs to have a cell phone (even an essential Android telephone will do) and a Rs. 2,000 unique mark peruser. This is at present being disseminated free in Aadhaar Payments pilot which extends around the nation.
  • On the businessperson’s telephone, the client sorts in her Aadhaar number and picks her bank. At that point, the merchant utilizes the unique finger impression per user for moment affirmation to finish the installment. The client doesn’t have to convey her Aadhar card or use a telephone; just the trader needs these.
  • With a versatile wallet application, you need to load cash in the wallet before you can utilize it. With BHIM and all UPI (United Payments Interface) applications, you can explicitly associate your telephone to your financial balance – like a check card. Installments are going on straightforwardly from and to financial balances, so vendors don’t need to stress over exchanging wallet profit to the bank either.
  • There is a Rs. 10,000 for each transfer point of confinement, and Rs. 20,000 every day for BHIM.
  • All UPI-associated banks acknowledge BHIM – this incorporates all real Indian banks including SBI, ICICI, Axis, and HDFC. Indeed, even banks not associated with UPI can get cash through BHIM through IFSC, an 11-digit code doled out to each bank office by the Reserve Bank of India.



To download the BHIM app on your Android smartphone follow the instructions below-

  • Unlock your android smartphone and open the play store app.
  • Go to the search option in the play store app and type BHIM app and hit the search button
  • Once the search gets completed, select the BHIM app.
  • Now tap the green install button on the right side of the screen on your smartphone.
  • As you tap the Green install button, the app will start downloading on your Android device, therefore, you need to wait till the process gets completed.
  • Once the download process is finished, the app will be installed on your android smartphone and a shortcut will be created on your phone’s home screen.

The BHIM app is an initiative of the government to help the country stepping forward towards a newly digitized economy. The app is developed by the assistance of National Payment Corporation of India. Recent demonetization of the old 500 Rs and 1000 rs notes had caused a great mess in the country as a result of improper implementation.

General public was in trouble due to sudden demonetization and there occurred a loss of economy because there was no cash for payments. Seeing all these the government took the initiative to simplify the payment methods with the help of digitization and here the BHIM app allows every citizen to an easy and convenient way to make payments without cash.

When individuals begin utilizing computerized installments for ordinary exchanges, little dealers and small scale vendors and even individuals who give administrations, for example, washing and pressing garments will have the capacity to get delicate credits from banks because of their exchange history, which will be currently accessible.

Final Words
So the abover mentioned is a full-fledged procedure to download the amazing bhim app launched by our Prime Minister recently. Indeed, everyone should have this BHIM app on his or her smartphone as is the next big step towards cashless economy. Also, one can make payments very quickly using the bhim app in a fraction of few seconds. So, download bhim app and enjoy the app 🙂

BHIM App Download
  • BHIM App for Android
  • BHIM App for iPhone

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