AmEx Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Review

If you are a frequent Delta traveler then the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card is a comparatively inexpensive way to earn lots of extra SkyMiles. It is from American Express. So if you want to earn extra SkyMiles then you can apply for it from the link given below:

AmEx Gold Delta SkyMiles:


  1. 60k+$50 offer: after spending $2000 in first three months you can earn 50,000 Miles, and if you spend additional $1000 in first six months then you can receive additional 10,000 Miles. One can earn $50 in first three months after using the card to make a Delta purchase. If you don’t have any idea about what to buy then, you can buy some Delta Gift Cards for future Delta flights.
  2. The value of Delta Miles is 1.2 cents/mile (Airline Miles Value). So if you start with 60k sign-up bonus then it worth about $720. If you want to know more about the Delta Miles then go to the link given below:

  1. One can get 2 miles per $1 if you spend on Delta purchases; and 1 mile per $1 if you spend on other purchases.
  2. On Delta flights, you will get First checked bag free.
  3. You will get20% savings on entertainment and in-flight foods.
  4. Priority boarding on Delta flights.
  5. Refer a friend: it also runs on referral trick. For every approved account you refer, you can earn 5,000 or 10,000 bonus Delta miles, and you can earn up to 55,000 Delta miles per the calendar year.
  6. No foreign transaction fee.
  7. One can access Amex offers with this credit card. They usually offer good discounts at some stores like Spend $75 or more and get $25 back on or Spend $15 or more and get $5 back at Walmart.


  1. They charged $95 annual fee but dismissed for the first year.


  • If you want to get the sign-up bonus once in a lifetime, then make sure you apply at the time when the highest offer appears in the past.
  • Note that if you have a credit history of 6 months, then try to apply for it.
  • AmEx does not bother about the number of hard pulls.
  • In a day, only one AmEx credit card can approve, but it is not applicable to charge cards. So in a one day, you can approve multiple charged cards and one credit card. Multiple cards accepted on the same day will only have one Hard Pull.
  • Within 90 days, only 2 AmEx credit cards can approve, and you can apply for multiple charge cards as charge cards do not follow this rule.
  • One can keep maximum 5 AmEx credit cards, and it does not include charge cards.
  • After Applying for the card, check AmEx application status, click on the link given below:

  • The AmEx reconsideration backdoor number is 877-399-3083, and it is well protected.
  • Different from Chase bank, the representatives from this AmEx reconsideration backdoor number have the only right to help you to submit requests.


After reading the review of Gold Delta SkyMiles Delta, you must get an idea about what it is actually. Note that it does not publish an award chart which makes this appraisal a bit difficult. However, if you fly with Delta a lot or have a particular reclamation in mind, then it is a perfect sign up bonus for you. The rate of reward is not very beneficial, but the average advantages that come with an airline card could be of excellent use to some of you. Now it all depends on you. If you want to apply then the Application Link for AmEx Gold Delta SkyMiles is here:



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