Activate Windows 7 Professional Without Product Key

Windows 7 is a type of operating system developed by Microsoft, was released on October 2009 which has improved User Interface. It supports touch screen input. It has also introduced the “homegroup” function, which helps in sharing media files between different systems. These operating systems provide workspace to the user for performing different tasks to how to activate windows 7 professional without product key crack, whether it is making documents, music, and videos, playing games, editing pictures, or more and it will explain how to activate windows 7 professional without product key using cmd.

The most ancient window is windows XP; the most recent is windows 10. Every now and then, new advancements in technologies have been done by upgrading the windows. This professional version of windows 7 is basically and especially for the business group of people with how to activate windows 7 professional 32 bit without product key.

It is an updated version of Microsoft Vistas.


1) Home premium- it has all the features listed below, and it is the standard version.
2) Professional- It is generally for business purposes; it has all the below mentioned features but also some additional features such as domain join.
3) Ultimate- It is the most advanced and the complete pack having every professional feature, including bit locker systems and also supports different language input options.
The three basic editions to these are the starter, home basic, and enterprise.


  1. It allows you to pin your important applications or the most used application on the taskbar.
  2. Windows 7 Professional also allows you to change the order of pinning the applications of your choice on the taskbar.
  3. It has also increased the storage space by introducing the libraries for storing files.
  4. The most important and one of its unique features is the multitouch capabilities. It allows you to do multiple tasks at a time with activate windows 7 professional without a product key and make it genuine free.
  5. The library folders that are already present in the windows are pictures, documents, and videos. It also gives two versions to them – private and public to have privacy for all your files.
  6. It has given users the ability to resize the application on the windows– this is known as the snap and shake capabilities. Snap allows you o open a window to the right or left of the screen by dragging.

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More Features:
  1. Shake allows in hiding all the inactive windows to show up the desktop by clicking on top of the window.
  2. A new concept of jump lists has also been added to make it easy for users to reach the applications they use in the start menu.
  3. It allows you to connect to mobile networks for internet connectivity.
  4. It has optimized WAN connections and has improved connectivity.It has enhanced the display of the desktops.
  5. Windows 7 Professional has also introduced the feature of using the remote for accessing the music, videos from remote locations o your computer.
  6. It has also made it easier for the users to search any file, application by introducing the “windows search” option.

Procedure to activate the windows 7 professional for free is :

  1. Click on the link mentioned here
  2. A new webpage will open; a long text will appear. Copy the whole text in a new document.
  3. After copying, save it and name it as “1click.cmd” on the desktop.
  4. The file will appear on the desktop, right-click on it and choose the option “run as Administrator.”
  5. Your windows are finally activated or activate your copy of windows (without a windows 7 professional product key).

Windows 7 professional is mostly designed for the business people and has all the required updated features for efficient and enhanced working with how to activate windows 7 professional without product key 2019. It has introduced some new features in how to activate windows 7 professional 64 bit without product key which will make the work fluent and interesting to do.

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